Another Facebook Walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheSpecialOne, Dec 5, 2009.

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    opened this link from the mega-walt Baron Castleshort thread. He may be legit but the uniform and kit are pristine and it looks as if he is holding an airsoft weapon. And what is the B&Q reed fence behind him? Not enough sand in the desert?

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  2. Nice collection of airsofty kit there...
  3. I dont really have a problem with Airsofters, I dont think it is neccessarily walty, just a bit odd for a grown-up. His kit seems legit but the weapon is suspect, i tried zooming in but there is not enough definition. I know the A2 has had lots of things bolted onto it recently, esp that fekking aweful rail but I have never seen the m16 type foresight...

    The real story is.... he seems to have some very fit female friends, esp 'Alessia Cinastri'.... hang on, is that me becoming a cyber-stalker?
  4. He does indeed have some fit friends, perhaps I should take up airsofting too.

    As to the M16 foresight, it's not particularly unusual on an M16 type carbine like the one he's carrying.
  5. Personally I don't mind airsofters - its just a hobby - but that photo, as his profile image, sells a different story to the unwitting
  6. ...good observation skills there 762. And, YES. :D
  7. I didn't slag airsofters - just his kit looking nice and gucci - and his fondness for 5.11 supplies.. He just looks a bit 'super-soldier' if you know what I mean...
  8. maybe he is a super-soldier. The last place a super-soldier would post pics of themself would be FB, which would suggest to a terrorist that he wasnt a super-soldier... the perfect cover....
  9. There were fences like that put up all over the shop in camps in Iraq. the fcukers at R&I in Shaibah were forever adjusting it rather than doing any real work :wink:
  10. Fcuk me!! The Man's a jeenaius.... *slaps forehead* Hiding in plain sight!!!!
  11. They dont just take anyone y'know! :lol:
    The safest place when there is a lion around is on it's back... etc.
  12. What is it with drop leg holsters?
  13. Some people just like to be inconvenienced?
  14. Nothing against gayer's but.......
  15. 'Beverly hills gun club' glasses lense and creases in the trousers. This is no walter, he's the RSM of ATR Basra circa 2006.