Another f***ing boot sizing

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by 7191, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Sorry folks for asking about boots but hoping someone can help...
    Issue boots wreck my achilles in minutes so seeking decent ones. Problem is I have wide feet for the length and no one locally will measure my feet, so did job myself....265mm long with thick sock and 110 wide. I see the Germans make their Haix Bundeswehr boots in a lot of widths and was wondering if anyone rates them? Otherwise its Lowas and Altbergs on the list as they make widths too...unfortunately too far from Altbergs factory/shop in Richmond to get measured and they weren't interested in even suggesting a size on the phone. I do have some second hand Lowa Patrols in 9M which are a bit long and pinch just a bit on the toes. If anyone can suggest anything I will buy you a pint! (proper beer mind, not bubbly sh*t)

    And if Lowas/Altbergs, which???
  2. If you have a gen problem with issue boots and med problems, your med centre can give you a chit, you take this to your clothing store and you can then get a made to measure pair.

    Edited to add, not a good time to be spending hard earned cash on black boots, as there is meant to be new boots coming to a store nr you.
  3. Unless you get Altberg's tried on if you buy online you'll find them at least a size too small and too narrow.
  4. Does anyone know when the decision about boot colour and what we are getting is due to be announced?
  5. Boot colour has been made, do a search it has been done a few times on here. Also last i heard they would start the role out end of this year.
  6. What size do you think you are, what size do you wear and when did you last have your feet measured properly?

    There are fooking hundreds of shops that will measure your feet correctly in the UK go to a decent store not JJB or the like! :)