another eye-rolling post....I can hear the groans already!

Discussion in 'Officers' started by crumblingdigestive, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. If a Crab officer wanted to have a crack at selection, how readily will Manning 21-e dish out the green light, and would one have to get their nod to attend SFET/SASISC and POBC or just the selection itself? Can't imagine there will be too many who have tried this but if anyone has any gen then I'm all ears.

    PS, also heard a rumour that the one cant be refused attendence by chain of command now. Or is this pure pish?


    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    The CoC can't say you nay but you should expect tough questioning as to why you've suddenly become warlike.
  3. Is that a new policy, taking my gen from a AP3392 leaflet dated 08.....suddenly warlike, probably down to early onset alzheimers. Hopefully the high goose stepping will come in handy around brecon.
  4. I assume you're talking RAF regt, which although not really infantry is the only way your going to be anywhere near skillset req, if your a sky jockey how the **** do you think you're going to get the skills req not just field craft but knowledge of estimate process for offr week. Good luck to you though!
  5. Not really my area, however:

    I would suggest that you speak to the SAS recruiting and liaison team (I think it is called). These are the guys who come along to units to give the recruiting presentations. They will probably be able to give you line and verse. They are also likely to be the best source of advice in terms of whether your military experience would be sufficient to give you a fair crack at selection. Unfortunately I don't have the telephone number, but you can probably get it through the SO2 or SO3 Trg in an Army Headquarters.