Another excellent Michael Yon / 2 RIFLES piece...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Thanks for the link, as a potential recruit thats excellent to read :)
  2. "Pedro is a potent morale booster; British soldiers know that their American brethren in the medevac helicopters will come for them anytime anywhere, guns blazing if needed...Yet the soldiers know that if they can get their buddies while still alive onto Pedro, chances for survival are dramatically increased. In addition to carrying outstanding medical crew, Pedro would roar back to Camp Bastion’s first-rate trauma center in about fifteen minutes. Night or day, gunfight or not, Pedro will be there."

    Or the MERT will come. Whichever is closest/most suitable. Bearing in mind MERT rocks up with Apache/s, a sect, DAS and armour.

    Sounds like he is trying to say we don't do it.
  3. Michael Yon has been responsible for some of the best reporting I've ever seen. We need to start getting behind him and putting some cash in his pocket to continue:

    Here's a thought - could we pool some cash and donate it in a lump sum from ARRSE?
  4. I want to know how Diggs is still getting pies in Helmand..
  5. Absolutely fantastic read. Bookmarked his website. Good to see some reporting with the Brittish
  6. check his "death in the corn" dispatches as well as "british forces at war, as witness by an american"

    both great reads
  7. Its nice to finally read something positive after all the negative things ive heard, not exactly encouraging for me lol, but this certainly is!!!
  8. What a good idea!
  9. Yet another excellent article.
    Hat well and truly off to him for this.
  10. and if hes still doing his xmas log on the barbie

  11. Thanks for these links, I shall read them at my leisure :)