Another example of the "gimme, gimme, gimme" lifestyle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ace_Rimmer, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Not an enormous outrage but I'm so angry at the general attitude here that I had to share it. I'm aware that this is a common theme and maybe it's just made me angry because I actually know the people involved.

    My bold.

    What?? Make my own way in life??

    Makes me angry as I live in a tiny, tiny one bedroom place with not enough room to swing a cat but it's what I provide for myself! If I "needed" an extra bedroom I'd "need" to sort the finances to get a bigger place.
  2. I'm about 4 weeks from the end of a current house share lease. Mate is moving in with his girlfriend and theres no way in hell I can afford to keep the place going by myself.

    I've had to declare myself at risk of being homeless with my local Council (who I work for!), fill in a mountain of paperwork (again) and am now sitting waiting for news.

    Add into that the doc has me signed off with clinical depression and my world isn't a good place to be at the moment. I know there's people who are worse off than me but it grips my shit when I see chav mum and sprog(s) getting the keys to brand new flats and yet when bidding on houses I'm lucky if I get anywhere near the top 20 for consideration.

    I'm considering using what money I do have to get hooked on smack. I'll be housed in no time at all then!
  3. Serves you right for looking at Facetube.
  4. Agreed :wink:
  5. They deleted my comment!

  6. At least it will cheer you up.
  7. Yeah at least you'd be a happy homeless smackhead, you could get a little dog aswell then.
  8. Although she's replied. She basically thinks that people who get good jobs are handed them through luck. She also thinks that because she's British, she's automatically entitled to a big house etc.
  9. She is p*ssed at me too, wonder if she is fit ?
  10. At least you gave her some constuctive idea's Alex Peregrine Leopold :D
  11. Hey its made up ! Cracking though eh ? Makes me sound almost f*cking human !
  12. I think you've had too many years in green to pass the human test mate, next you'll be bragging how you now get out the shower for a p!ss :)
  13. It was worth clicking on the link for your screen name alone. Nice touch.
  14. Have same problem different Housing Authorty. Just because I've been to go out and earn my living not sponge off the State for handouts I'm disadvantaged, yet "Little Miss Flora" down the road with 100 sprogs by 100 different blokes gets everything handed to her on a plate !! There should be a tick box have you ever paid tax ?? Yes - Are you in the Forces - Yes - straight to the front of the que !! Pissed off for paying tax for those lazy workshy B******S!
  15. Just reported the post as racist to FB, wonder if it will get deleted?