Another example of PC madness to appease other religions.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. The next episode of the continuing saga of PC madness.

    No longer is it a church, it's a ceremony hall. :roll:

  2. " Ceremony Hall" was the euphemism used in the Eastern Bloc states...
  3. NO! This country might be 'diverse and multi-faith,' but it is Protestant - The C of Facking E.
    The climate it has created for itself, whereby being white and anglo-saxon puts you at risk of all manner of potential 'equality and diversity' embarrassments is getting ridiculous. This is not Muslims, Seikhs Hindu's or anyone else demanding we denounce our heritage, but people of (supposedly) our own faith. The result is pi$$ed off people across the board. The British are rightly upset that a few local jobsworths are destroying centuries of history on a misnoma. The Muslims, Seikhs, and Hindus are upset because the ignoramii (including our dregs, the NF and BNP) blame them - when they called for none of those sorts of actions. I am upset because this place is going to rat, very quickly.

    PC, and racialism, ethnicisim, faithilism (?!) doesn't need council directives to determine what is offensive. It should be left to an individuals COMMON SENSE.
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    To quote Noel Coward in "The Italian Job":

    "It is this type of unimaginative, lacidasical mis-management that is driving this country on to the rocks. See that it never happens again."

    I come from Torquay.. I will have stern words.
  5. What we require then is some of them, preferably through an official body, to say so. Loudly.
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Here, here.

    No matter what religion, creed, colour, etc, etc you are. You come to the UK for a certain type of lifestyle. That may mean a bit of compromise by the people choosing to live here, (I certainly had to do that when I lived in other countires, by choice) however, These people from different sections of society actually have a common theme. That is understanding and tolerance. Tolerance is not PC, it is letting people lead their lives the way they want to, whilst those people try to conduct their business in a manner that is not forcing it down others throats.

    I am fed up with people blaming each other because they don't think they are being understood. Compromise, be part of society and then understanding will begin.

    2nd rant over. Sorry.
  7. As an atheist, I find the idea of any religious symbolism at my funeral pretty detestable. I should not have such religious symbolism forced upon me in a crematorium, which is a functional building, rather than a place of worship.
  8. What about those that have stong religous views and want a ceremonial burial/cremation? What are we to do?

    It just smacks of communism. Instead of accepting and encouraging our diversity, the PC bigrade seeks to drag us all down to the same level and create a race of clones..

    Vive le difference
  9. Book a place of worship for your funeral service.
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Well said Agent Smith. Well said.

    Refer back to the point of tolerance I made earlier Booty. You don't symbolism, religous service. That's cool. Say goodbye on your hospital bed or at home and then be taken to the local hospital incinerator and be burned. Me I am agnostic and have said to so exactly that when I die in my will.

    If you are religous, fine. Have a service that is appropriate to you and everyone is happy.

    Again, lets not force an individual strand of thought down other people's throats.
  11. Sorry, but this seems to be a big hue and cry over nowt. Or should I say, another chance for 'outraged of Torquay' to burst a blood vessel.
  12. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Bite begins:

    Don't read the Daily Mail

    Blood vessel has burst because I am bored and fed up of this PC bullsh*t that is ruining a once great nation.

    Bite Ends.

    Nice new arguement though Booty, Yes hue and cry but not over nowt, over faceless bureacrats attempting to justify their existence rather than actually trying to do something worthwhile.
  13. Calm down dear, it's only some Council tw4t trying to make a name for himself, probably without consulting any of the 'other' religions.

    I for one am a British Sikh and have no problem with being cremated in a chapel. In fact, I've spoken about it with my regt Padre.

    I've seen it done before, and the only difference was that the Sikh sign (the Khanda, a double edged sword) was placed near the coffin, whilst the crucifix of the chapel remained on the wall behind.

    The thing about Sikhism is that it accepts all other faiths as different paths to the same God.

    Rationality and religion are NOT mutually exclusive you know, old chap.
  14. Sounds good to me.

  15. At the risk of starting a Scheiße storm, the same cannot be said for Christianity.