Another ex Soldier in the Sun

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ticklishrodent, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Chief blew school's cash

    The crooked bursar ...
    Andrew McCallum


    A CROOKED boss at a private prep school swiped tens of thousands meant for pupils — and blew it on hookers and cocaine.

    Ex-Army major Andrew McCallum — who was in charge of finances — also pocketed money raised by youngsters for Blue Peter and Comic Relief.

    The bent bursar, a married father of three, used the cash to fund a sordid secret life.

    His three-year fraud spree was rumbled when he was given the boot — for downloading porn on a school computer.

    Last night he was blasted as “despicable” after being sentenced to eight months in jail.

    Scandal ... the private prep school

    Nick Fisher, chairman of governors at £7,800-a-year Hallfield Preparatory in Edgbaston, Birmingham, said: “He was in a real position of trust and completely abused it.”

    Police said: “We believe he stole the money to spend on cocaine and prostitutes.

    “He was leading a double life until his lies caught up with him.

    "His wife did not know what he was up to and looked totally shocked when we arrested him.”

    McCallum, 44, of Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, launched his scam by setting up a bogus company. He paid cheques into it under the guise of buying equipment and stock for the school, which has 450 pupils aged two to 11.

    After McCallum was asked to quit he managed to clinch a similar job at a school in Norwich — using forged references. Meanwhile his fraud at Hallfield had been exposed because he left in such a hurry he was unable to get rid of paperwork.

    It stunned staff at the school, where he had taken part in 125th anniversary celebrations by donning Victorian garb.

    McCallum admitted ten specimen charges of false accounting and asked for 14 similar offences to be taken into consideration at Birmingham Crown Court.

    Hallfield — motto “Rise up to it” — refused to reveal how much was stolen. But McCallum has repaid £16,000 — and officials are chasing him for more.

    Governors’ chairman Mr Fisher, a former police chief superintendent, said: “We suspect he even stole money the kids had raised for Comic Relief and Blue Peter. That really was despicable.”
  2. If he was an ex-McDonalds worker rather than ex-Army I wonder if they'd have mentioned that at the start?

    The Scum, the forces favorite eh?
  3. I've never seen an "ex-Journo guilty of xyz" either.
  5. I think you're supposed to make erudite comment Deepthroat; we've read it once - not so sure we need to see it again albeit in a smaller font...... :)
  6. I believe this was deepthroat's insightful contribution, lost in the muddle of forum tags.

  7. Do not comment on this I suspect Deepthroat is a journo he pm'd me asking if I had any information about the person being a mason
  8. Sun? Mirror? Beano?
  9. 1. Yes.
    2. Yes , 2 tours
    3. Not going down the 'Uber' walt route.
  10. Ticklish - can't believe you still read the Sun.

    Good spot tho.

    I assume he wasted the rest!!?? :wink:
  11. I get help with the big words