Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by HIGHLANDER_SPY, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Did anyone else notice that Chief Superintendent Mullet (William "Jack" Frost's boss) in a Touch of Frost, was wearing a blazer with the Corps Badge prominently displayed on the Breast Pocket. :police:

    I don't remember him personally, but perhaps he is an ex-Darksider or Ex TA - perhaps Rebel With a Cause may be able to shed some light 8)
  2. FCUK me! You will be telling me next that Captain Peter Skellern and SSGT Henno Garvie never served with 22SAS.

    I heard a nasty rumour that Reg Varney was not really a bus driver either

    8O 8O 8O 8O
  3. No, but his alter ego Lewis Collins did serve with 21 SAS (V) (The Artists Rifles) briefly during the 80s until he was thrown out and Ross Kemp has read a book about the SAS which is more than you ever did in the RAF !
  4. Record straightening time... I thought this until, a few days ago and quite by coincidence, the topic came up in conversation with the chap who was his PSI at the time. Apparently he was a great draw in the mess to all the wives and girlfriends; it got a bit out of control, apparently. He was reportedly a good bloke and did his share, but he decided that 21 wasn't for him early in his service and he left. 21 used to get a lot of people from the TA Para battalions, some of them simply didn't fit in and would go back to what they were best at. Collins may have been in this category.
  5. I thought he got a MD for a broken leg, doing freefall
  6. Clearly HS, you have extensive experience on the topic of the SAS, who knows you may even met Sir Peter De La Billere or Andy Mc Nab on an Op in Waterstones?

    I am not worthy, you are a true unsung hero Sir.

    The secrets of all those nights you spent at Kingstanding and Chelsea teaching 21 and 23 SAS the finer points of air-assoicated FERwill remain eternally obfuscated. Will the truth ever emerge about your derring-do exploits with THEM in PRA? Why, I even hear that you trained all the Squadrons at Hereford in recognition of signature equipment. I know all that because Lewis Collins told me he saw you in the "New" Palludr-Inn club on the Hoarwithy Road back in 1983.

    I am still curious: is that the Sultan's Victory Medal to the left of your LS+GC?
  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Jeez adastra. You can be a right tit. Why don't you give it a rest?
  8. Like his name suggests, he really is away with the stars. (i.e. high, a spaceman, bit weird)
  9. Yeah I was going to ask if that was in fact an Int Corps badge on Mullet's blazer! Then again as he was always protrayed as a right prat in the series, maybe the producers decided an Int Corps badge was the most suitable!!
  10. What a bugger, the last thing the Mrs said to me last night was goodnight mullet!
  11. WB

    He was certainly serving with 21 when I was at 90 and did his and another dearie's ICC debrief. However, I do believe he later moved Blocks to 10 Para (V) for a while.

    And in answer to the Fly Boy's comment about DLB, he certainly remembers both myself and my cockney chum who had to decommission his Home Office alarm and my cockney chum forgot there were two fuse boxes in his house - I believe they're still hunting us in RoW after he blacked out the village !

    As for the "professional" soldier who wrote thos adventure stories for boys, I'm afraid I've never met him !
  12. There certainly were a number of `mullets` operating in the Fermanagh area circa 1979 - 1982 and again circa 1989 - 1991 !

    Or were they `salmons` ? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Something fishy anyway :D

    A couple in the Bessbrook Mill area as well I recall WB ?
  13. I wasn't there and know nothing. You can't prove anything and anyway I was excused boots at the time.
  14. Having worked near Greenslime years ago I spotted the blazer badge and made the 'Pansy resting on its laurels' joke - even Mrs Maple laughed
  15. He broke his ankle when on his bpc and therefore failed to complete. He did progress in sport parachuting which he took up and stuck at when he moved to California. Runs a very successful IT company out there.