Another Equipment disaster!! Airfix goes bust!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Bad news, bedroom Armies, Navys and Airforces will never be the same again

    Britain's last model-maker, Airfix, today went out of business as its parent manufacturer, Humbrol, called in the administrators.

    Following an emergency review of Humbrol, based in Hull, administrators from Grant Thornton made 31 redundancies out of a total workforce of 41.

    Humbrol, which has suffered trading losses for several years, brought in a new management team during December 2005 to restructure the business.

    But the company has thrown in the towel amid severe cash flow pressures and disruption to supplies after the insolvency of its main manufacturing supplier, Heller, in France.,,1862203,00.html
  2. JEEZ! how are kids going to legitimately get high on glue now!

    I spent my teen years floating about on the ceiling while my parents thought I was developing hand-eye skills.
  3. I will miss them - another part of our childhood history gone - but the kits were crap and not as good as Tamiya or even Matchbox
  4. But they were getting better. This is a real shame.
  5. Apparantly it is down to Xbox, PS2 etc. Sad - but I never had the patience as a kid to build one and when my Dad did it for me I chucked it out of the bedroom window and realised it didn't fly!
  6. spike7451

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    Typically,it's e bl**dy frogs at it again!! Since their company,Heller (Who's kits are cr*p anyway) owned all the moulds Airfix uses they, in a display of typically French arrogance,refused to let Airfix buy the moulds!
  7. Is nothing sacred?
    Might be time to whip out and secure a couple of kits for old time's sake.

    Wandering ever-so-slightly off-topic, ISTR that Dick Emery was the president of the Airfix Modellers Club in the mid 70s.
  8. A disaster. The 1/24th scale kits were a real ground-breaker, and I'm damn sure Airfix with enough funding could still find a market.
  9. Shite....I lost part number xyvc457fr for my spitfire, its the last part in completing the model, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  10. Dont kid yourself! :D it's not sdo much as airfix going bust it's the parent company Humbrol (who make the model paints) thats gone busthing is most of the kits of late were just re-leases or re-boxed from other kit makers Trumpeter/Italeri springs to mind other model companies have rasied the bar with kits over the past few years Humbrol didnt and the punters went else were to spend their dosh
  11. Seeing as they had so few workers, maybe they could start it up as a cottage industry.
  12. Ah don't worry I'm sure it wasnt anything critical.
  13. Do you readers not understand the catastrphic effect on the military, how are we going to get spare parts for our planes & tanks. This IS a disaster and the government are doing nothing about it !!!!!

    The last vestige of british manufacturing means the chinese will be supplying everything soon !!
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