Another English, Irish, Scot

English man, Irish man, Scotts man. All sent to jail for 10 years.

Each are granted one final request before being sent in..

English man says, 'Right i want a gorgeous girl in my cell with me the whole time'

And so he is granted his wish. Off he goes.

Scots man says; 'I want a crate of the finest scotch whiskey you can find'. He gets his wish.

Irish man says; 'Gimme 5000 cartons of ciggerettes in me cell young fella' and so he gets his cigs and he is sent away...

10 Years later they prise the doors open on each of the men's cells.

English man is sweating like a rapist, a wobbling hideous women is lying next to him stinking, babies are sprawled about and it stinks of shit and piss, The Scottsman is Pickled out his mind. He his half dead and is in a puddle of his own puke.

The Irish puts his head round the corner and says.. 'You got a Fockin Lighter??'

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