Another eminent "intelligence officer" speaks out

The truth is out there.....

Commodore Pat Tyrrell, 54, former senior Royal Navy officer

On balance I think the allegations of abuse by British soldiers are true.

There have been many cases throughout the ages where this has happened among people who are frightened and who tend to react in such a way.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if the allegations turn out to be true

So it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they turn out to be true. Although I suspect the incidence is not as widespread as in the US army.

In my time in the services I did encounter incidents which illustrated the ability of men to pick on one of their number and humiliate them.

I worked in intelligence for a time and came across incidents where people in the custody of our armed forces were not afforded their full human rights.

There are numerous examples from Northern Ireland, when people complained about mistreatment in terms of interrogation and the use of heavy handed tactics - designed to humiliate.

These sort of actions have to be eradicated.

Obviously the culprits responsible in this instance will have to be dealt with appropriately, and if senior officers knew this was going on, then that is negligence and they will have to admit it and action be taken against them - and that could include dismissal.


our armed forces were not afforded their full human rights....
I understand that some did not even get to fly business class on flights over 5 hours....... :wink: [/url]

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