Another Ebay Mug

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by marco_poloroid, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. no, they are the bees knees

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  2. yes, done up like a kipper

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  1. It appears I have been done up like a kipper, having been paid £85 for a supposedly original sign off the Berlin Wall. I fully expect incoming on that alone. :roll: My point is, having received it, I have seen more convincing Rolexes on a market stall in Patpong :eek:

    In truth, I am seething, having been suckered like that, although in fairness this is the first time I have had a negative experience on E-bay, every other transaction I have been delighted with.

    Does anyone have any ideas how I can address this little, ahem, issue, vis-a-vis getting a refund/publicising this dodgy seller :evil:

    I fully expect flak on this one, but the odd sensible reply would be gratefully received!!

    Helmet/armoured vest on and standing by......
  2. Buy sensible stuff then. You should be looking for all the SAS/commando/Para gear its all gen
  3. If you paid by PayPal I am led to believe that any grievance tends to be sorted out in favour of the buyer.

    Hope that helps.
  4. how do you know it isn't the Berlin wall?
  5. Yes, i paid by PP. I have fired off a message to the seller, thought it only right to give him a chance to rectify things. If no joy there, I will speak to e-bay. How will I receive a refund from paypal, as surely they would need proof the item wasn't genuine?
  6. Could we see a piccy of the item. It probably wont help you resolve the issue but it might give me some comedy ammo!
  7. Has it got made in China written on the back? :scratch:
  8. Give some more details of the item you think is a con, marco_poloroid. I'm sure enough ARRSErs, including me, spent long enough in Berlin to be able to say with some certainty whether it's pukka or not.

    If it was from the East-Berlin side, then I'm you're man, since I spent a year there when it was still the GDR.

  9. I bid for a warning sign, which was on the Eastern side, warning citizens to stay away. It's clearly dodgy, it appears to be a facsimile, but the signs of wear are just so contrived, and the clear areas, where the bolts supposedly were, are misaligned. If you saw it, you would p!$$ yourself laughing, believe me.

    I feel like, I have been, in chav parlance, 'well mugged off' :oops:
  10. I'm not 100% on this but I think that a complaint is sufficient to cause them to claw back the payment. I have seen some comments in financial articles about how their policy can leave a seller without goods or money. I think that it is to do with keeping buyer confidence high.
  11. i bought something on ebay, nothing expensive (dvd). i paid for it the money cleared etc etc but never rx'd the dvd. i emailed the seller 3 times but it didn't reply. i then opened a complaint to paypal and they allow 30 days or something for the seller to explain. if after 30 days it is still not sorted then paypal do there investigation and then pay out to whoever has been mugged. (you) i got a full refund. lesson - do research on the seller before you buy.
  12. Nice one mate. Do you know how to hyperlink the offending article? To be fair, you would struggle to determine it was dodgy from the item listing. However, as soon as you saw it in the flesh, any remaining dout would e dispelled. I am truly gutted, I am as fascinated by the Berlin Wall as I was when I went through Charlie as a kid in the 70's, and was also, completely by chance, there when the wall fell. So owning a piece was a very personal thing. Which is probaby why I'm gutted, I suppose my mistake was getting emotions in the way of a commercial transaction.

    Having lived over there, do you know if these signs would be available? I have not seen any others on the internet, other than some gash American copies. This one is the one that says:

    Unbefugten ist das Betreten
    Befahren und die bildliche
    Darstellung verboten.
    Zuwiderhandlungen werden bestraft.

    It was linked to a site with an 'identical' sign. Clearly a piece of cake to copy. I imagined the original would have been metal/enamel. This one is pressed wood, with what appears to be a formica type covering, with the words facsimiled onto it. What convinced me it's fake, is the bolt holes have been coloured to make it look like rust, but the rust doesn't rub off. Furthermore, the circles where the bolts supposedly were, are totally smooth, whereas bolts would have marked the sign when removed.

    I'd better stop now, my temperature is ising again!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:
  13. I got swindled by some little Chinese f***er once and I got justice.

    If you happened to pay with a Visa card, you can ring your bank and to them what has happened and as long as you provide sufficient evidence that you have contacted all the necessary people Paypal, Ebay and the Seller then within 10 days you get your money back.

    Not only did the Seller send me the real deal in the end and my money with a free Chinese takeaway token (yeah I’m going to go all the way to china for that privilege) I also got my money back off Visa too boot.

    Not bad :D :D
  14. Percy: Look (he takes a red cloth from his sleeve), I have here a true relic.

    Edmund: What is it?

    Percy: (unwraps the cloth) It is a bone from the finger of Our Lord. It cost me 31 pieces of silver.

    Edmund: Good lord. Is it real?

    Percy: It is, My Lord. Baldrick, you stand amazed.

    Baldrick: I am - I thought they only came in boxes of ten. (he opens a box of finger bones)

  15. Hey Marco I have a piece of the Berlin Wall you can have for £50.