Another drug mule bites the dust

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Sep 5, 2017.

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  1. Result.
    Next one please.....
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  2. Before anybody else gets a word in. Yes, I would have.
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  3. Necrophilia now?
    Durty durty shite.:oops:
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  4. She could have been more relaxed from the cocaine she liked experimenting with, so swallowing anything might not have been an issue once she was primed up....
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  5. Would have. <past tense>

    Not would.
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  6. Oh so sad that another totally innocent angel is killed by someone who was wicked!
    But she was a total amateur - it is obvious she should have shoved it all up her arse.
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  7. Silly cow.

    Her mum is clinging to the idea that her deceased child wasn't a drug mule.

    Still ecstasy being pretty harmless in sensible doses, simply regulating the use would eliminate unfortunate circumstances such as these
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  8. Indeed, read that in the Times, she seemed quite open about her recreational drug use, a bit of Bolivian here and there. Of to Ibiza via Amsterdam what could possibly go wrong.
  9. Story the other day - South African Airways cabin attendant nicked at Perth with 7kgs of cocaine.
    Oh dear.
    Footnote to the story is that 3000 saffers are banged up abroad for drug offences.
    That's a lot.
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  10. It's the shit that gets mixed in with it that really buggers the silly twats up.
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  11. Wishfull thinking, I did say "would have" and not "would still". After all I'm not ex Rock or an ex armourer.;)
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  12. I know that it's not a popular idea on here, but certainly in the case of ecstasy, decriminalisation and sensible regulation seems the way forward.

    Edited to add

    It's the NAAFI, so fucking cunty bollocks
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  13. I've thought the same about weed for years. It's abound anyway in all society stratas and used for good purpose with many difficult symptoms of disease, MS being one. Would give the police a breather and let them tackle far more deadly matters. Maybe..manpower allowing. Aye..quite.;)
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