Another Dig At Us on E-Goat

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by combatintman, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. Rather apt comment, a member of the RAF Regt discounts the reserves as a valid reason for maintaining the Regt. Which is probably another nail in the coffin.
    Force Protection? Why do they go on about that, TA are doing it in Iraq, so its proved that you don't need regulars to do that job. RAF Regts arguments are based in the cold war, sack them all and double/triple the size of the TA Infantry from the savings (plus this also gives us a far larger reserve)
  2. Bollocks to 'em. The main benefit of keeping the rocks is that the Inf don't get roped into airfield defence, which is the reason that the RAF Regt was set up in the first place. Is there still a RAF Regt Sgt working in the Trg Wing at Chicksands?
  3. From e-goat:-

    'Could we cope? Probably well yes but you do the sums. It would mean 1/3 of the RAF Regt deployed at anyone time. That's a lot of commitment and no end in sight.

    As far as the deploying RAuxAF Regt Sqns, none are fully manned, lots of guys have already deployed in the last 3 years and therefore can't deploy again, we rely on volunteers and we can't compulsory call reserves up without an act of parliment.

    In a nut shell, a heavy commitment would put us on our knees. Would the army take up our role? Not a chance, they know that they are not specialist enough and more importantly, who would they get to do the job? It is not as if the army has the 'odd battalion or 2' kicking around with nothing to do.'

    these pebble monkey t*ats are way to far up thier own arrses. Cnuts
  4. Was there ever??
  5. "Barrier up...barrier down..." Looks like aniother military specialisation mastered!
  6. Theres another arrse thread abusing the pebble monkeys at the moment

    and the rather lame response on e-goat

    which features this pearl of wisdom:
  7. I can't imagine any RM WO ever saying that in public. It sounds pretty waltish of the RAF to say that in the least.

    I wonder how the RAF Regt at St Athan are getting on with the Marines and Paras there?
  8. What creases me is that the RAF regiment actually think this is difficult...
  9. E-Goat, it's like Rear Party but with more dresses and and less coarse language.

    "Specialised role" - funny
  10. They have highly trained dogs though...they can read ID cards

  11. (c) Monty Python

    (Scene: a wartime RAF station)

    Jones: Morning, Squadron Leader.
    Idle: What-ho, Squiffy.
    Jones: How was it?
    Idle: Top-hole. Bally Jerry, pranged his kite right in the how's-your-father;
    hairy blighter, dicky-birded, feathered back on his sammy, took a waspy,
    flipped over on his Betty Harpers and caught his can in the Bertie.
    Jones: Er, I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, Squadron Leader.
    Idle: It's perfectly ordinary banter, Squiffy. Bally Jerry, pranged his kite
    right in the how's-your-father; hairy blighter, dicky-birded, feathered
    back on his sammy, took a waspy, flipped over on his Betty Harpers and
    caught his can in the Bertie.
    Jones: No, I'm just not understanding banter at all well today. Give us it
    Idle: Banter's not the same if you say it slower, Squiffy.
    Jones: Hold on then -- Wingco! -- just bend an ear to the Squadron Leader's
    banter for a sec, would you?
    Chapman: Can do.
    Jones: Jolly good. Fire away.
    Idle: Bally Jerry... (he goes through it all again)
    Chapman: No, I don't understand that banter at all.
    Idle: Something up with my banter, chaps?

    (Enter Palin, out of breath)

    Palin: Bunch of monkeys on the ceiling, sir! Grab your egg-and-fours and
    let's get the bacon delivered!
    Chapman (to Idle): Do *you* understand that?
    Idle: No -- I didn't get a word of it.
    Chapman: Sorry, old man, we don't understand your banter.
    Palin: You know -- bally tenpenny ones dropping in the custard!
    (no reaction)
    Palin: Um -- Charlie choppers chucking a handful!
    Chapman: No no -- sorry.
    Jones: Say it slower, old chap.
    Palin: Slower *banter*, sir?
    Chapman: Ra-ther.
    Palin: Um -- sausage squad up the blue end?
    Idle: No, still don't get it.
    Palin: Um -- cabbage crates coming over the briny?
    The others: No, no.

    (Film of air-raid)

    Idle (voice-over): But by then it was too late. The first cabbage crates hit
    London on July the 7th. That was just the beginning.

    (Chapman seen sitting at desk, on telephone)

    Chapman: Five shillings a dozen? That's ordinary cabbages, is it? And what about the bombs?... Good Lord, they _are_ expensive.

    Stick to Brylcreem and buggery lads!
  12. RAF Squadron... the same blokes that hoof around doing a SAM sweep as quickly, noisily and overtly as they can so that Abdul has no idea that an aircraft is inbound?
  13. PS why have you raised this in the Int forum?

    Some kind of secretive deception plan???