Another Death in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Punk_trooper, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. sorry about the repost guys, the article was timed at 6pm today.
  2. Rest in Peace soldier!
  3. I'm so sick of this sort of tragedy, why can't the bloody government get off its arse and realise that its there to support the army, as much as the other way around. The army may be ''Busting a gut'' why can't the goverment give half that effort, if only it would then maybe we'd stop loosing men all the time.
    Rant over, sorry.
  4. dont apologise for ranting mate your fcukin spot on!!! maybe if we had a leader with a fcukin backbone our troops would be getting the support and equipment they require. Brown: Sh1t colour, sh1t leader.
  5. Have you served in Afghanistan? Blokes will die over there no matter what kit and equipment they have and bullets and bombs have a habit of killing soldiers. Only a handful of deaths can be attributable to the Governments lack of funding, though yes, I know, that's a handful too many before you go off on another one.
  6. What would you say is an acceptable casualty rate Fallsch? It has been suggested to me that US Mil have pencilled in 10%. I believe our casualty rate is also currently 10%. Is that an acceptable figure to carry into the coming months and possibly years?
  7. Blokes will die no matter what, but these blokes would at least be dying for a reason if the Government would stump up the funding to fight this war properly.
  8. I couldn't say TBH mate. If a Battalion lose around 6 blokes on a tour that's only 1% strength lost. Obviously we're looking at around 60 blokes from a Battalion for the 10% loss. Casualty rates have a higher impact on operational effectiveness in the long run. It helps that most units are now at full strength with others in the factory waiting to fill the shoes of losses.
  9. While planning an operation like "Panthers Claw" the powers that be would already have planned in for an "Acceptable or probable casualty rate". I am pretty sure that with the intensity of this operation that the casualty rate is still within th parameters set.
    However to all of us still serving it is still daunting and disturbing.

  10. I think that this death rate is starting to get out of hand now, at this rate, it is only going to be a matter of time before the public start to have a change of heart to their feelings about this particular war, that has no end game. I also think that the government also knows this fact. --------- We have indeed become a "dinosaur in a tar pit" --- R.I.P Lad.
  11. I am with Fallsch on this. We all join up and we know the score. I dont give a toss about the government. Our kit is fine,could do with a few more cabs. Nobody mentions that Terry is getting more switched on. I am sick of people using the deaths of brother soldiers as an excuse to have a bash at the government.Sod the the PM. I dont care about him.Afghan is a long fight and we will lose blokes.All I care about is my family and my mates in uniform. RIP to all of our fallen.
  12. Seconded. :evil: