Another Day

I got up this morning to go shooting and get ready for my nationals in two weeks time, but I always turn the computer on to see what is going on around the worlds as I do on a Sunday morning.
I guess in some way it was no surprise to see that another soldier had lost his life in Afghanistan but this was the two hundredth soldier to lose his life. When I got home I saw that during my time of fun another soldier had lost his life, how many hundreds of soldiers will it take before we say enough is enough, the Russians have been there and done it and no glory game from it or a difference to the society of Afghanistan. I had to read on the same page that a law had been passed that a husband could starve his wife if she did not have sex with him 4 times a week, these are the kind of people that have more interest in making women a third class person in their society than solving the bigger problems of their country.
I think the Chinese had it right in building the Great Wall of China, instead of wasting large amounts of lives and money why not just build a large wall around Afghanistan to keep them in and anyone that pops their head up shoot it off!

I don’t normally come out with stuff like this but keep it in my head with my own thoughts.

Our brothers are out there fighting a cause, that is for sure but will it bring peace to a country that has a long history of its failings against women, I don’t know. Will it ever get rid of the Taleban, I don’t think so, and will they ever sit at a table to bring peace to the country, I don’t think so.

With that said if they can have the wind knocked out of them so that they are easier to control, maybe that is the answer.

With all that has lost their lives to this war on terror I hope that they have not been lost in vain, and for the same that will go on to lose their lives to this travesty, let them have the security and recourses they need to carry on with this job to an end that will go down in history as a war that changed world to a better place.


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