Another Data Loss - this time Prison Officers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. BBC Website: Data on 5,000 justice staff lost

    So just how bad could that be in the wrong hands? And wtf has Jack Straw only found out about it, in the last 24 hours?
  2. There must be some kind of business going on because all this data loss is taking the pi$$.. If they are so painfully unreliable why can´t they just encrypt it?.

    Very scary stuff.

    I hope that plan to get ID cards never, ever takes off.
  3. Notice how conveniently it has been hidden since July until a weekend in September to release the information about another data loss.

    News manipulation will ensure it is distant memory by the time the house sits again.

    Happened to the last big data loss announcement before the Olympics, be interesting to know when they lost that information and compare it to its press release.
  4. Why the hell has this been kept quiet for so long? Is it me or is stuff getting lost on a regular basis. They say heads will roll but do you hear about anyone actually being held accountable? A worrying state of affairs indeed which brings about the saying "Who guards the guards?" No-one apparantly.
  5. And EDS wow sucks to be them. I suspect there are some quite cross prison officers and the like now.
  6. Let's hope some NuLab folk go inside and the POs can show their appreciation.
  7. Ah the labour-saving devices of the modern world. 20 years ago you would have noticed someone walking out of the building with 8 filing cabinets...

    THe amount of money - and jobs SAVED by employing these tools is now completely negated by the amount of money spent and jobs created to ensure their proper use, what a bummer....
  8. Someone needs to "lose" the John Lewis List of MP's home addresses, family employees and pay rates, expenses claims etc.... :twisted:

    CD, DVD or USB, leave it on a bus with a little phone call to the Mail on Sunday beforehand....
  9. Lost in July 2007 - reported in September 2008.
  10. Missing since July 2007, Confirmed Lost July 2008, not reported by Minister until September 2008.

    Suspect announcement delayed by spin until there is conveniently enough going on in other news for it to disappear to the inner pages.
  11. The implication in this case, as with the others, is that it's the contractors who are keeping quiet until the last possible moment, at which point ministers jump up and down, make a lot of noise, and do sweet f* all about it. My suspicious mind says because the contractors mention problems with paying bribes (sorry, I meant donations) to Nu Lairbore if action gets taken against them.
  12. I worked on the EDS contract installing all of the new IT gear for the prisons a couple of years ago. We had spreadsheets with all of the user details, Name, Tel No, Appointment etc as part of the documentation for where all the old kit was coming out of and the new kit was going in to. There was no control or even guidelines as to how the information should be handled!

    I kept mine passworded on a memory stick that stayed around my neck when I wasnt sat in front of my laptop. After I had signed off each site, I ran a secure data destroyer across the memory stick to make sure it was destroyed.

    So, I guess what Im trying to say is that if these people had an ounce of common sense in their heads about computer or data security that these things wouldnt happen.
  13. What a surprise! EDS screw up again.
  14. Can I go into work Monday burn all my paperwork and not tell anyone for a year????
    Think I might get away with it???
  15. Whilst I am no great fan of EDS, as far as I know they have not made any donations to Liarbour.

    The register of donations and donors is here: