Another Darwin Award nominee

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CrashTestDummy, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Rescued Hikers Make Fatal Turn Into Ocean

  2. Even the Sheriff said it would be an easy mistake to make, without it occurring to him that putting up a warning notice or two might be in order.

  3. Yes, but he isn't allowed to say. They were a pair of fucking mongs, Darwin/the emperor got them on his second go.
    If they didn't see the road ending and the water beginning I don't think they would have noticed a sign!
  4. In countries as vast as the US or Canada, you can't signpost every hazard.

    If you're lucky, a local will sign a reef with bricks, string and bleach bottles.

    It's up to you to get a chart of the lake and use caution.

    I've seen some spectacular wrecks, where people have launched and just roared up the lake.
  5. Its also a fairly big indicator when you pass a lighthouse that close that there may be water fairly near by
  6. Desperate to roll a 7 by the sounds of it.
    If they'd got out of the van they'd probably have started swimming in the direction of Ireland.
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  7. "Ooooh look a pretty flashing light, I wonder what that's all about"
    "No Idea but lets go take a look anyway"
    "This is a floating car we're driving isn't it"
    Because my feet are fucking wet"
    Deserve everything they got, fucking morons!
  8. That's the funniest thing I have read in a long time.

    They drove into the sea and instead of climbing out of the car phoned the police for help.
    Worse than that the water was only 6 meters deep and they were 53 meters from the shore.

    Not a huge loss to the gene pool and once again natural selection is working well.
  9. _Chimurenga_

    _Chimurenga_ LE Gallery Guru

    Too bad about the dog.
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  10. Many people are not as quick thinking as Teddy Kennedy in these situations, they panic or freeze. Lots of people die in a couple of meters of water next to the bank trapped in vehicles. Seat belt problems, child lock engaged, object blocking door, moment of panic stabbing at non-functional leccy windows, cold water shock. It'll all be pitch black. Can they even swim? One of them's up the duff. Did they try to save the panicking dog? I recall you are meant to wait till the car fills up before attempting to exit or you are basically buggered. Not a bad idea making an emergency call, surprised it worked six meters down. If it's foggy and dark you'd like as not swim the wrong way.
  11. I agree people do panic in situations like that, but for the life of me I cannot see under what circumstances fiddling around for your phone and calling someone is your first reaction. I would've thought basic human instincts would've made you think "shit I gotta get out of here", not "shit there's water flooding in, better call someone to help".
  12. Well it depends on what strategy you took, you'd likely be just as dead if you followed your instincts and busted yourself trying to open the door before the car's full and the pressure has equalized.

    There were a number of TV shows where a escape technique was demonstrated were it stressed the importance of letting the car fill.
    If you can't open the windows you are basically stuck while the car fills up with water. People have died calling 911 instead of making any escape attempt but once you're in the situation of the car filling with water and your plan is to get out the door I'd say what the Hell. I'm sure some poor bugger has died googling "escape from submerged car".

    Actually looking here what is recommended is getting a window down or broken and getting out as fast as possible. Making the point you'll often have no idea what depth the car will sink too or how it will be oriented. I was assuming the cars electric windows would rapidly be out of action turns out this isn't so, they should work for a couple of minutes.

    It does not sound at all easy and faced with a car filling with water as you roll down a boat ramp into deep water, it's not actually intuitive to let more in, I think most people would be dead.