Another Cyprus p1ss up

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Here it goes!

The last Cypriot p1ss up went to sh1te, so I want to arrange another one. End of august going to september. Any one interested let me know. I got some decent places to go and can get discounts on other places. This is just an idea. Please put your thoughts here.

Anya you proper fcuked it right off last time, goatbag squared it away, you failed to attend, we all got extra's, before we commit need to see you put your money where your mouth is, where exactly you thinking of going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blinkers, if not then start off in Engomi and work from there. I got my dates mixed up last time. And I will put my money in my mouth lol

Also there is abig house party this saturday if any one is interested?
Cool, young lady that sounds as though you've done some research... lots of others might not believe your intentions are honourable will discuss it with others and get back to you
I finish work at 11pm tonight. Won't be back on until monday night now. I will pm you my number incase you feel like a free p1ss up saturday night!
Sat with Top third, he's got your number love!! He reckons you may be mental but who am i to judge, send it anyway, got nowt better to do!!
Hes back, i've just answered his phone, you put it down, you really are mental.
nice i like a woman who can speak russian
Now go repeat that to an italian and let me know of the response!
Anyway, get a move on about finding out who is going to come on saturday. Top knows the details, any problems give me a bell.

Kkele kouloumbra!
I am ashamed to say I know you lot based in Cyprus, a no show. You missed a corker of a party. Crawled home at 6am, only cus the police ended the party!
It'd been and gone lol There maybe a party at mine this weekend, will let you know.
I got plenty, just thought if I am having a party it be nice to invite you lot. But if you don't want to come then its no great loss. Be plenty of ladies there for you all to try your luck lol
Cheers for the invite anyway, now if there's gonna be loads of birds there, thats a different matter, chalk me up an invite son
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