Another Council Tax Pensioner Jailed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by maninblack, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Isn't it interesting that you can beat people up in an act of random violence and walk free but if you dare to challenge the authorities over £50 then you go to prison?

    It smacks of using the courts to enforce political policy and running scared of the backlash to me.
  2. This is horrific!

    Why can't the prosecuters/judges not use their discretion and impose a non-custodial sentence?
  3. It'll cost more than £50 odd quid to keep her in for the week. Pure madness. It's akin to a CO fining a soldier for bouncing cheques.

    They should have more respect for the old long as they've been 'means tested' of course!
  4. Electricty up 14%
    Gas up 14%
    Water up 7%
    Council tax up 9%

    War Pension up 2.1 %

    Work it out for yourselves, bet old age pension went up less than my war pension.

    If you don't have a good private pension, and you are just over the level for full or partial council tax/rent rebate from your local council you are living poorly.

    It now does not pay to own your house, have a private pension or have savings.

  5. Pensioner number 2 to take this route following the clergyman last week. The law and justice system is truely barking.

    Anyone know if this means that the £53.71 outstanding is now cancelled cos she is doing time or will she be back in soon for continuing to refuse to pay?
  6. Probably not. The country's gone mad.
  7. I have a hard time convincing friends in other countries that the UK courts bang pensioners up for failing to pay Council Tax bills. They honestly think I'm pulling their plonkers.
    Is that right that in the UK you can only be sent down for failing to pay Council Tax but not for failing to pay any other debt?

  8. Says it all really
    I believe her council tax has increased 38% in the last five years. over the same time her pension increased by approx 2%

    Shame she isn't a hateful Muslim Cleric with a hook she would be quids in then
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    These old coffin dodgers have it coming: pensions, bus passes, free false teeth, cheap entry to cinemas... where will it all end? About time one of them was made to do some hard time for dodging the council tax.
  10. Never one to encourage civil disobedience, but I would love lots of other people who have been shafted by this government to follow suit.

  11. Yeah, she'll forget all about the Blitz when Linda the Lezzer from D Wing gets her in the showers.
  12. Sad thing is that Maggie saw this problem back in the early '80s which is why she brought in the community charge.

    Labour love anything that forces people to be supplicants to the State (hence means testing to gather information). Our Dear Leader and his cronies also hate the idea of ordinary people working hard and providing for themselves, as it means they are harder to control. They would far rather force these people out of their homes and into state homes than have them happy (and possibly voting tory). In the Guardian a few months back they had some cnut claiming that it is the old peoples fault for living in such large houses!!

    Very, very depressing. Can someone on Op Telic 256 (none of you seriously thought we would be out before this number is reached, surely?) please have an ND when the grinning cnut or the fat pederast chancellor visit them (oh sorry, the fat jock tw@t has never, nor will ever visit an Army base).
  13. So what we could do with is an ARRSE march to complain about shaftings various. Invite the pensioners, those injured during conflicts with sod all compensation, folk fined/jailed for dropping the local hoody who broke into their house, them that have been on hospital waiting list for ever etc.

    No invite for lefties, gays, anti-warite weirdos, politicians, sun journos etc.

    After rally speeches in the nearest boozer and straight onto the next crawl. Good to see how pensioners cope on crawl.

    Could even put forward some members to stand against Tony and the rest of the clan in 4 years time or so.
  14. Absolute bloody disgrace. The number of fcukedup, drugged up, workdodging breeders that get all and give nothing in my locale make me puke and all they can do withr OAP is jail here. This country is going mad! It makes my blood boil!!!! Blair. hang your head in shame!
  15. on one hand , if their house are in state , trying to make end meet for food and heating , when all that is provided in Prison ,they may be in a better place and don't want to leave , it could catch on ! forcing a big U turn :)