Another computer fcukwit - Help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Range_Gopher, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to ask this,

    Since last Sunday my computer clock keeps resetting to the factory setting when I switch the computer on, also when the computer turns on, it starts up, seems to take a 4 second pause and then starts up again.

    Can anyone help or explain why please?

    Many thanks

    R_G :?
  2. It's probably just homesick.
  3. Possible corrupt BIOS? Tried resetting CMOS by using the jumper on the motherboard?
  4. Err, that scares me off just reading it! I did say I'm a Fcukwit.

    Thanks R_G :oops:
  5. msr

    msr LE

    The CMOS battery is probably on its way out. If you open the case, you should see a round, silver lithium battery (just like a watch battery) on the motherboard. Note down the number and get a new one. Then just replace it.

    That should solve both problems.

  6. looking at the forums, it might be caused by the same thing.

    Find out which motherboard you have then google it, to find out which jumpers control the time on your bios
  7. Thanks to you both, I'll get onto it next week.

    R_G 8)
  8. There are no jumpers which control the time.

    Very very likely to be the battery, which is likely to be a CR2032 (unless your computer is very old/oddball/French). You can get the batteries in Tesco or Maplin for £2. Make sure the computer is plugged in but turned off when you're replacing the battery.
  9. You're not one of those types that likes to turn his computer off at the wall socket after hes shut it down are you?
  10. Cow

    Cow LE

    Whats wrong with that? Get a fecking annoying humm from mine if its still got power going to it
  11. Nonsense, I bought Doctor Who's time travelling tank top on ebay recently.

    Are you trying to say it's a fake?
  12. Yeah of course, it still saps electricity otherwise according to the leccy board.
  13. Yes I would second this however, I'd ensure that the pc is turned off and the power cord is removed from the back before you open up the case and look for the little round silver battery. Ensure that you "earth" yourself by touching the metal part of the case. The battery will pop out easily enough using your fingers.

    What happens is that when you turn off the PC the CMOS (memory that holds the BIOS [basic input output system] settings) is retained by using power from the little battery. When the battery starts to fail then the settings in the BIOS are reset to the fatory defaults. The computer will still boot, but it will show incorrect time and date. (and any settings that the user has changed in the BIOS menu will not be retained).