another complaint made about wacky jacqui...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by maguire, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  2. No, Much as I hate to admit it Nue Labour will lie cheat and steal as per normal.
    Hope to be proved wrong.
  3. It should be relatively easy to prove - presumably her security detail have to log where they are and what they are doing every night they are on duty - if nothing else there must be accommodation claims to account for when they are away from London. Perhaps some enterprising young journalist should look into it.

    God, I'd love to see her weasly little face in the dock.
  4. Unfortunately, the Opposition (who should be nailing New Labour for this type of dishonesty) is just as culpable, hence the complete lack of discussion in the house. They are all in it together. :x
    The fact that she is a complete waste of space in her job is being completely buried in the margins. Once again, I despair.
  5. The most sickening aspect of this debacle is the obvious collusion that has taken place by all parties in relation to Additional Costs Allowance (ACA).

    This has caused a media “hue and cry” and it was painfully obvious that raising the issue at PMQs was deemed as off limits. Whether or not this absence of transparency at PMQs was whipped to avoid further controversy is irrelevant as the avoidance of the issue has created its own furore.

    It is an interesting insight to look at the breakdown of votes on retention of ACA on 3 July 2008 below:

    To say that this was not a whipped Labour vote is a blatant denial of facts. The voting record is proof enough. Much canvassing had taken place behind closed doors.

    More than half of the 646 MPs did not take part in the contentious vote. Of the 172 who voted to keep the old system of allowances, subjected to internal audits (External auditing was voted against), 146 were Labour MPs.

    This issue is unlikely to go away, and until the Commons puts its own house in order, these damaging revelations will continue.
  6. Wow, that's some serious snout/trotter/trough action going on there!
  7. Quite a "trousering" can occur when one considers the variety and costs of items which can be claimed.

    Nice earner if you can get it!!!!!!!
  8. Why not wait until the summer,and with a bit of luck the "Monocularly Challenged,Caledonion,Idiot(apologies,my thesaurus isn't playing)",might just call a General Election,so that Labour can all go on holiday secure in the knowledge that,when parliament reopens at Christmas,they can come back and start slagging of the Tories for their 6 months of,sleaze/backhanders/fiscal mismanagement/higher taxes,etal! :wink:
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    She'll get away with it
    Bet she comes out with some bollax like:
    I work from 06:00 - 23 :00 so they don't see me
    I go home for parlimentry breaks (ABOUT 4 MONTHS) Plus weekends
    I stay in town for all night debates ad briefings etc etc

    This lot will grab as much as possible untill they go
  10. FREE MONEY..... £150 for each chair..... Would they buy 1 or 6 chairs for their second home I wonder.

    It's blatant theft by those who rule. And who cares? Not those that rule.

    Some of those allowances I would save weeks to afford or take out HP and when chossing an iten, i.e. a new fridge I'd economise probably buying a fridge nearer the £200 mark. They have allownaces beyond £300 because it's 'free money'.

    Some items I'd go without.

    I am fighting my own will but starting to bend, I don't think I can live here much longer.

    God Save The Queen.....
  11. What a load of rubbish. I have proof that Taplin is criminally insane and that his word cannot be relied upon. It is in the article FFS.

  12. I look back at the days of the last Conservative government from 1979 – 1997 and was aghast at the “sleaze” allegations being raised against our right honourables.

    In particular, Graham Riddick and David Tredinnick in the "cash for questions" scandal, Jeffrey Archer for perjury, Neil Hamilton for misconduct, and Jonathan Aitken for perjury.

    These pale into insignificance when I look at the list of sleaze by this current government.

    The alarming aspect is the way in which Labour has manipulated its own sleaze and has attempted to put a veneer of legitimacy on it. This attempt at legitimacy is often in contradiction of facts, and serves on other purpose than to treat the electorate with contempt.

    Just one example, from a myriad of others serves to reinforce this point.

    It is no surprise that this current government has the reputation as the filthiest government since Lloyd George.
  13. Mandleson is an uttererly corrupt individual and should be a long term guest of Her Majesty,not continuing to draw wages from the British taxpayer on the pretence of serving the British public in his current appointment.

    His 'performance' during the dispute involving foreign workers in Britain two weeks ago is a glowing example of his uselessness.