Another complaint about kit shortages

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Soldier_Why, Jan 18, 2004.

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    and there will doubtless be yet more cases
    its shocking to think that we have learnt nothing from 1990 and previous conflicts and this is still happening :x
  3. Just look at "any" site dedicated to the Brits in the conflict.
    Even thpse of the Marines et all
    How many are wearing full desert cam.? With body amour and plate and ,and ,and.

    What about the pics of the loggies , poor buggers in 85 .

  4. Now I've been in the DMS for almost 22 yrs & to be honest I've never heard of vascular claps of any sort being issued at section level to CMT/RMA.

    I admitt I may be wrong, any one else know differently.
  5. Thats because Dr Pox CMT/RMA's are not expected to perform surgery at section level :roll:
  6. Perhaps it had something to do with the two Close Support (DS) Surgical Units that provided emergency support in order to stabilise the wounded before transferring to Field Hospitals?
  7. Cheers I was unaware that the incident happened this far up the chain.
  8. Our RMA had a repair kit but admitted he had never been shown how to use it.
  9. The Sgt Roberts thing will no doubt open the floodgates of missing kit stories.
    Things like the vascuar kit have now been voiced through the system with the med/med log chain and hopefully will be resolved along with issues about procurment and turn round of medical kit. I would sugest the whole med log chain needs re-examined and the privatisation of MSA put on hold.
  10. or in fact, any level!!
  11. you dont even get vascular clamps in the surgical modules. (correct at time of typing)
  12. A repair kit? what the fcuks a RMAs repair kit?
  13. Lets be honest folks it wasn't just surgical kits we were short of, it was every bloody medical kit......thankfully it wasn't as bad as anticipated, otherwise it would have been a serious feck up :evil:
  14. The senior MO with the Black Watch battlegroup told us the whole medical chain would be overwhelmed within 24 hours if there was serious reistance and even moderate casualties. As Du-Lai says, we were lucky.
  15. This story, and many other example of chronic shortages, were brought to the attention of the Commons Select Committee which was examining the matter. As far as i know, everything has now been swept under the carpet and no action taken either against the chain of command, or to alleviate the root causes of these problems.