Another Committment Bonus Question!!!!

I have asked for Committment Bonus to paid respectively. Basically until last year I was on S Type but it was chaned to open engagement and back dated 11 years to when I joined. I have asked for the Bonuses to be paid because in my eyes I have qualified for them retrospectively. Is there any information that says that is permissible? So far SPVA's response has been no 'it is not in the spirit of the bonuses' which I think is total b******s. Does anyone know if these bonuses can be backdated, so far I have not found anything on DPSIs to say that they are not, just the T**T from Glasgow. If I am wrong please tell me and I will STFU. :x
Not knowing all your circumstances it is difficult to advise you. I would have thought your best course of action would be to ask your unit to put a case up via JPA PACC, your FSA should be your first point of contact.

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