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Another commitment Bonus question with a twist


I have completed 8 years service as of today. Currently serving on Ops so submitted bonus application form in may. Partly my fault for not reading the whole form as my Clerk kindly completed it for me all i had to do is sign. So i signed. Only for me to check my commitment bonus on JPA it states Commitment bonus 2 �2500. I thought well that can't be right it's meant to be �5000. After talking to my clerk he informed me that we only submitted bonus for that amount. After calling JPAC to confirm amount i am due (�5000) and if this one had been processed yet as i wanted to cancel it and resubmit the correct amount. At this point i had already completed new form and sent if off. Jpac informed me this had been sent back to unit stating wrong amount as already claimed �2500. The lady who wasn't to confident told me that this one is already processed and due to be payed this month even though it doesn't show on any run of pay slip. She also stated that i will have to complete another form asking for �2500 uplift.

My question is has anyone come across a similar situation?? Should i be-able to still cancel the current bonus �2500 and again resubmit request for �5000. That seems the simplest way to handle things.
Will the commitment Bonus show up in a 2nd run pay slip if it's due to be payed. Should it be showing now if it was due to be payed this month as are salary wage slips. I checked 2008 when got 5 year bonus and there is 2 payslips that month one salary and one bonus Run1 and Run 2

Many thanks in advance all help very much appreciated

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