Another Christmas Function

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. OK after my last set of phone calls - this time aparently 11 MI Company hit the town last night - final bash in Osnabruck before it closes; Christmas market, brewery with meal, pub with pepper drink and then off to the night club........... Is someone taking the P*ss here - no unit can have as many parties and everyone keep having a good time this isnt the Corps or Army I know. Meanwhile I get "white 2 sugars and a Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa" all day; guess where I'm stuck. Why does everyone have to phone me to say what a good time they are having. Although CR is great he has given me 25th off and a half day on the 26th :)
  2. you're absolutely right, you've been working hard lately and have not been rewarded adequately for your efforts.

    i have therefore arranged for you to have last week off too. hope you enjoyed it.
  3. Cheers boss you are all heart :)
  4. DAMN!!! Wish I was there for that! That wou;d've been messy... :twisted:

    Ahhh... Parisiana's... 8O