Another Chinook down

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by batfink, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. linky

    A hard landing apparently, all crew would appear to be safe
  2. That's two Chinooks gone within a short time, so they've only two more left then, innit?

  3. Notwithstanding your excellent first post on the subject, now let the uninformed, speculative, emotive and opinionated gobshites in to turn this into the crisis it ain't...
  4. Possibly the result of the govt policy to extend airframe flying hours?
  5. I heard that a shortage of helicopters led to falling house prices and AIDS.

    It's true!
  6. Broon and Co have been very lucky to date. The very high tempo of ops on the Wokkas has made this an inevitability.

    The fact this is such big news just compounds the reality on the ground, we just don;t have enough helos to be able to accept these losses without a serious impact on operational effectiveness.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Non story really imho,considering the amount of dust thrown up by the rotors downwash & accounts I've read from aircrew who fly them they do an excellent job.
    The only thing that makes it news is the Wokka Wokka had to be destroyed.
  8. Not really connected with this but there has been a Chinook mooching about over Salford today while the F1 was on, why not get hold off that and bus the thing out to where it's needed instead of giving free rides to all the uphill gardners at the Gay Pride festival in Manchester.
  9. Chinook down, we've got a Chinook down.
  10. Hilarious-yet another reason I like these forums! Well done.
  11. malletting the airframe post hard landing- i guess is the extreme of VORing a veh for A jobs!!!
  12. I hope that helo pilots wife doesn't turn up in ARRSE with all her usual drama.
  13. oh so thats what it was doing then,glad to to see my tax money w'ast being wasted then!
  14. Funny, I could have sworn this is the Army RUMOUR Service forums and not the Army Factual Dribble Service. :roll:
  15. Hard landings happen due to circumstances, without that information this story isn't really much more than a chinook lost one, but that's what the press are playing on these days, any helicopters lost or vehicles destroyed.

    Hopefully the government have a plan in place to replace the lost aircraft.