Another Chinese Myth Exposed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BanjoBill, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. So once again all that Chinese mumbo jumbo is exposed. For years we were led to believe that Kung Fu worked and that has now been exposed as a fancy dance, now it is the turn of Acupuncture. Yet still there are thousands of people being taken in by this. I was just watching GMTV who were highlighting the exposure of the myth and they have been inundated by people saying it worked for them. Quotes like "It cured my back pain." or "It helped me to stop smoking."

    I have to say, we really do have a lot of bone heads in this country. People need to understand, the last useful thing to come out of China was gunpowder, they used it to make things that look pretty - we used it to conquer.

    Real Research
  2. Not the "Chinese Myth" I was expecting to see in the NAAFI Bar :twisted:
  3. Aye, sorry.... I'm bored!
  4. Feng Shui has become popular in the west in recent years, channelling luck into homes and businesses after expensive makeovers. If you study the 4500 years of abject misery that make up Chinese history you really appreciate just how effective it is, but obviously, it only works with bad luck.

    It's started to work here in the west now, just read your paper.
  5. In china the poor are given acupuncture and herbal remedies. The rich get western medicine.

    The definition of alternatinve medice is "IT DOESN'T WORK" If it worked it would just be medicine.
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  7. Prick.... :roll:
  8. Ord_Sgt

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    Why, is you a fancy dancer?
  9. I was just being fecaetious... no way am I getting drawn into a debate about kung fu but I wanted to show my disdain for such a blatantly wind-up comment.. besides, it's the naffi so I though it would suffice.
    I'm more of an angry white pyjamas type.
  10. Buggr, you're not Jimbo Shortt, are you??? :wink:
  11. I prefer to be called "The Baron"... err... COVER BLOWN, COVER BLOWN, the duck has shat the coup, I repeat, the beagle has f*cked a goose..
  12. Very true. They can be found watching GMTV and quoting it as a definitive authority on <insert subject/issue here>.

    :roll: .
  13. Snap... :( I was wondering how this would get past the 'No Gash Shot' rule :D
  14. You'll no doubt be an expert and standing with your legs wide open and punching fresh air whilst counting to ten in Japanese.

    You'll like this: Who Killed Kung Fu

    Who has done that? or did you mean there are boneheads in the NAAFI who can't see the link to the Real Research and by default can't wait to demonstrate just how bone they are?... iz dat wot u ment?
  15. Some bunch of amateur volunteers? Real research? Get a fucking grip.