Another child struck on head by air gun pellet

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. Another nail in the coffin for air guns or just more proof that they need to be licensed?

    Boy hit by air gun pellet
  2. Boy falls out of tree, calls to ban trees.
  3. Who, honestly, needs an air gun? WTF is an air gun good for?

    If pubescent boys want a penis extension, they should go and buy themselves a dildo at Anne Summers.
  4. Er, shooting things. Such as (in my experience):

    Action men.
    Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure (through the 'bionic' eye).
    Airfix Models.
    My brother.
    Any bird within range.

    Great stuff.
  5. Makes Ratting more sporting
  6. oh yes, used to hang Airfix planes from trees, bit of wind, great fun.
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Because without learning to shoot as boys most will become complete muppets later! A safely taught and responsibly supervised youth can learn a lot about discipline and perserverence from weapons and the easiest and cheapest marksmanship tool is the air pistol. Ban criminals!
  8. Indeed my Dad taught me from an early age to handle Knives and airguns, encouraged me to go to scouts to use fires and axes sensibly so that when I grew up they wouldn't have morbid fascination.

    Indeed when all the other kids at school were facinated by knives and fires I wasn't. All was going well until....

    I joined the Army where we have REALLY big guns and get to do COOL STUFF like blow things up KA-BOOM.

    Thanks Dad.
  9. Boy, am I glad that they aren't into all that macho stuff over here in the United States ;)...
  10. Well, I use mine to shoot vermin...pigeons, squirrels, crows and Sun journos mostly. My airgun that is, not my penis extension...
  11. Muirhouse in Edinburgh. Says it all, really. If you nuked the place, crime in Edinburgh would fall by 99%, the IQ average would double and health statistics would take on an Olympian glow...even taking into account the fallout!
  12. err, licencing won't do a damned thing to stop things like this, nor will a prohibition. See: Firearms acts 1920, 1968, 1988 & 1997. Oh, and the less than 10% compliance with the self-contained-air-cartridge-gun ban. What good's a law when only the law-abiding 10% abide by it? You know, discharging an airgun at someone is already illegal ("discharging a firearm with intent to cause injury" or " endanger life"). This is no "proof" that they "need" to be licenced.

    As for why people need them, how's about sport? The Olympics have air pistol & several air rifle disciplines.

    Gah! I can imagine that Neue Arbeit will try to make political capital over this though....
  13. Ah yes Muirhouse, fond memories of the British Telecom College there. The training poles were right opposite the multi-story ghettos and it was siht trying to find a fault on the line whilst keeping balance on the pole and avoiding the slugs which whizzed past your ears. Fluoresent jackets made for big targets!!
  14. Would it not be wise to license them though, so that anyone who owned one would have to show competence and the relevant level of inteligence to use them safely? Also, i would increase the minimum age of ownership/purchasing to 18 in order to stop all the little neds getting them. If their parents want them to have one and teach them to use it, then they can buy it and be responsible for its use.

    If licensing wont work, how would you cut down on the rate of offending in these cases (other than use the current laws, which the police and public seem to forget about! :? )?

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You have it there, licensing will not work, and scrotes will always prevail causing legitimate sportspeople to suffer because the Plod have neither the time nor resources to deal with them even if they had the inclination. Imagine the cost in registering all those old air pistols! Those jobsworths at the NRA rubbing their hands at the thought of money making licensing courses! Laws dont stop criminals policeman do all a new law does is criminalise use.