Another cheap dig at the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    The situation has got so bad that in recent months in the main field hospital in Helmand, Afghanistan, 70% of staff have been reservists, the BMA said.

    Reservists basically acts [sic] as emergency back-up and as such their skills and preparedness may not be as up-to-date as those employed full-time by the Ministry of Defence.
  2. F*ck em.
    Find me someone who has been patched up and either shipped home safely or back to their FOB fully functional, who has complained and ill sit up and listen. Amazing people in my book.
    Rest are still a set of w*nkers though :)
  3. What utter b*ll*cks. That A&E Consultant in your local hospital is fully up to date and may just have had 6 or 7 short tours with his TA Fd Hosp or with a Reg Fd Hosp.

    The BMA knows that.

    Sloppy journalism in the extreme. God bless the AMS whether Regular or TA I don't care which....truth is, we'd be f*cked without them.
  4. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Yes, because clearly the TA bods who work in the field hospital are bin-men or painters during their working week?
  5. Was just thinking the same thing myself.

    What next?

    "Operational logistics driving job to be given to someone who has passed a civilian driving test who has only been driving 15 years!"

    "Civilian chef has to be trained on military eggs!"

    "Civilian electrician unable to work until trained on military electricity."

  6. I have yet to meet the Military cook who can cook a decent egg banjo, the feckers always overcook them
  7. The banjo is a personal thing, it can only be properly prepared in a near comatose state somewhere you shouldn't be and at a time you should be doing something else.

    The military cook should only used in the 'gathering' of required items - with or without their knowledge.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Would be nice if someone from the MOD press office could correct that one...
  9. I would suggest that they probably fuck them up on purpose. It's a bit like being asked to make the brews for the first time - if it tastes like shit, you probably won't be asked to make them again. ;)
  10. What's nice is that most people I have spoken with are extremely proud of the reservists who have volunteered to scoot off to sunnier sands.

    There is one lovely blond in my local that still thinks the TA go to Afghanistan as true volunteers - UNPAID! :? Bless. :p

  11. PLEASE tell me you intend to exploit and abuse that empty headed fcuk socket with tales of dashing acts ? Its the only right and reasonable thing to do
  12. I wouldn't dream of it :twisted: Honest guv! :lick: :hump:
  13. Getiing a shag is the one and only time walting is acceptable!
  14. Getiing a shag is the one and only time walting is acceptable![/quote]

    Well, that and bluffing your way home on a train from Newcastle when blottoed a year after you got out, but thats another story................
  15. Just a quick google brought up the following.

    A TERRITORIAL Army medic who risked his own life to treat a seriously injured Afghan soldier while under heavy enemy fire has been given a prestigious national commendation.

    208 Field Hospital ran a first-class medical facility – a true "hospital in the field" – at Camp Bastion, in Helmand Province, southern Afghanistan.

    TERRITORIAL Army medics from across the North East of England have been presented with medals after returning from Afghanistan.

    Territorial Army medics helped save the life of an Afghan boy who was stabbed in the head with a knife, it has emerged.

    There was a series on TV recently and 85% of the TA medics who deployed were employed in the nursing profession in their civvy jobs. The 15% who were not, and were not fully trained would easily support the senior ranks whose job it was to carry out serious operations.

    I am sure that having worked in hospital trauma units for many years and some being consultants, they would have acquired a great deal of expertise on things other than a few stitches