Another chav thread

"oh no, not another chav thread"...

Well, it's not. Because how many chav threads does one forum need? I mean seriously, there are at least two threads a day and they always degenerate into killing/culling/castrating chavs.

Yes we hate them. Yes they are not very nice people. But come on, should we let them ruin our arrse? In the same way that new mong threads are no longer funny and are just merely rehashed versions of what has come before our obsession with the scally little beggars has become dull and samey.

Throw off the hated chav opressors. Drink (not special brew), be merry (not mersey) and rather than whine and moan about someone in a baseball cap stealing 30p off your grandmother who he rammed with a stolen car just... I don't know... find something more interesting?

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