Another chav thread

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Tom muff, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Im 17 lookin for a older woman :(
  2. Would you like some cock?
  3. You need an older brother type to take you under his wing and show you the finer things in life. I'm sure I'm right we can start with me fucking you so hard your prostate gland gives you a tickle in the throat. Xx
  4. When I find a nice bun to put my hotdog in I can REALLY offer deep penetration, rapid thrusting; guarenteed pleasure, thing is it only lasts 90 seconds sometimes less
  5. Use an elastic band.
  6. No no no you see this is from experiance from romping 2 pillows with a sock over my c**k feels well nice when its polyester I can adjust as I please make it tighter or looser I'm telling you it REALLY sorts me out when I see a bird on faceparty with massive tits
  7. My mums dead u prick
  8. She probably is 12ft away, under the floorboards rotting away like a worthless carcass not even worth committing necrophilia on, mind you seeing as how I shag pillows is it ok if I dig her up and fuck her corpse up the wrong-un?
  9. Dude ur a prick btw tell ur mum she a good fuck buddy knows hw to tKe th bk door well ;) she comin too myn tonight so u will have too tuck ur self in to bed tonight since she will be at myn all night if ya hear her screamin dont come knockin cos she aint screamin in pain ;)
  10. Hmm well obviously not as good as shagging a stealth whore up the backside refer to her as stealth because whereas you claim MY mother screams yours doesn't because shes fucking deader than dead wood and theres nothing more satisfying than knowing I can shoot my load up her hairy vagina and know that I don't have to worry about social services banging on my door telling me I'm had to father a child
  11. Dude ur digging a hole deep for your mum now take it and leave it u got owned by a 17 year old u started it i finished it so fuck off n act ur age :p one last word OWNED
  12. Learn to spell you illiterate chavvy cunt
  13. I dont care how my spelling is :) at least i know u got owned and i aint a chav :D but ur a dick :)
  14. Send keysetting. Over!
  15. Wht dude.........