Another Car insurance question.

For the last 5 years I have been insured through NAAFI Financial, using Norwhich Union as my insurer. This is because they gave the best deal on 365 day fullly comp european cover. Last year I paid £453 (this included 24/7 recovery from anywhere in europe). Upon coming to renew my insurance I was quoted £829 for a new policy. None of my cicumstances have changed, I drive a 1999 Vauxhall Vectra with about 89000 on the clock. Has anyone else, who has this type of policy had the same bombshell dropped on them, and know the reasons why their premiums have doubled?

Lastly, could anyone list any other UK insurers that do 365 days green card Euro cover, apart from AXA and Norwhich Union?

Thanks in advance

NU via NAAFI Financial quoted me almost £1900 to insure my car in NI. The next most expensive quote was £800, and I settled on one with good cover at £600.

We've touched on the reasons why this might be happening in some previous threads.

Have a look at It's an online search for insurance quotes. They may be able to help.



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I have found that whilst in UK once a car reaches 6 years old it does rocket the price of insurance - probably some deal with the car manufacturers to get people to buy new ones ... Just a thought
Look up TFI. I think it stands for THE FORCES INSURANCE. They insure me at a reasonable price and they are very generous with their no claims bonus.
NAAFI insurance is going through some big changes as i was told they are changing from norwich union to somebody else which may affect premiums.

How important is it to have 365 day cover overseas ?

are you posted overseas or do you travel abroad frequently for holidays or booze runs, only asking as a lot of companys will give two or three months a year overseas cover to allow for this sort of need, also be careful as NAAFI doesnt cover every european country as standard, however the cover they offer is normally very good if a little dear.

On a side note if you have kit insurance with NAAFI this may wel;l be changing soon so keep an eye on your documents.
I am now recently (May 05) ex- forces and spend most of the year in Belgium. My car is Uk registered and at its age isnt worth importing to Belgium so I kept with Naafi financial.

MSR - Thanks for the link to confused. com. I did try them but they were unable to help as I required 365 days per yr cover in europe. That aside, I am a complete computer biff, so if you discover anything thru them then let me know :)

Scruffy Engineer - Thanks for that link, I will give them a go. Dont know if they will insure for ex-forces.

Thanks to all who took the time to reply.

Best regards


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