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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wil_uk, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. wil_uk

    wil_uk Crow

    hu guys, my name is wil, im a chinese from Hong Kong, i came across the army site and am very interested in joining the TA, but i would like to know if im welcomed as im chinese althought im a full british citizen. will i get the most extreme discrimination in TA or am i just watching too many movies? i live in southampton and i realised there is a medical corp in millbrook, southampton. anyone from southampton can give me some information please, thanks very much
  2. missy

    missy Old-Salt

    We have a bloke from Ghana, Canada, tokyo, new zealand, australia and even wales!
  3. dui-lai

    dui-lai LE

    I'll say to you join the Medic unit and they'll welcome you with open arms. If you have any Medic questions, ask away!
  4. wil_uk

    wil_uk Crow

    that sounds really nice, multi-cultural unit in a multi-cultural country. initially its one of my concern as we still see a lot of discrimination in the community. currently im following the training program provided on the army site in order to train me up to the entry standard, im really looking forward to speak to the recruitment soon
  5. polar

    polar LE

    Is this a wah?

    You wouldn't get any discrimination at all, maybe a little banter but if it over stepped that your officers and NCO's would immediatley step and sort that matter, if not I'd personally show them where the door is. Yes too many movies.
  6. wil_uk

    wil_uk Crow

    if i join the medical corp does that mean i will mainly do medical stuff after the rescruit training? im working in the hospital 5 days a week, and it would be nice if i can see some different things in TA or may be learning different skills as well.
  7. sandy_boots

    sandy_boots War Hero

    A chinese TA officer in the London Regt has just picked up Lt Col.
  8. Ranger_Danger

    Ranger_Danger War Hero

    Wow! He gets around a bit then!
  9. polar

    polar LE

    our regt 2IC is half Chinese
  10. polar

    polar LE

    I think you didn't mean that. OMG I've gone all PC
  11. Bushnut

    Bushnut Old-Salt

    Is this a f**king windup? Ask yourselves this question; if you were not a serving member of any of HM Armed Forces, why the hell would you register and ask such stupid questions? You would end up at the official websites, and then make a decision. You certainly wouldn't register on ARRSE just to ask such a stupid question.

    Get your arrse down to your local unit and find out...
  12. polar

    polar LE

    Wil, to be honest racism will not come from the TA. We had a girl of lancashire(black pudding wnakers)/pakistani origin in my old unit. She left the TA from family (/racist) pressure who made things up about the British Army, she didn't like the PR the TA wanted her to perform, for instance she didn't want to answer an ethnic origin question on some form the TA wanted her to fill in - she was a soldier and that was that.

    Turn up at your local medics unit this Tuesday/Wednesday and enjoy the crack
  13. wil_uk

    wil_uk Crow

    thanks for all ur help guys, i feel so warm here already! :D
    joining the army is always my dream since when i was in cadet back home. i know its more like a boy scout thing to all u professionals. i always enjoy the team working, and nothing u cant solve spirit. and the best thing is u can find ur best friends in the army environment.
  14. wil_uk

    wil_uk Crow

    sorry mate if i have offended u in any way, i did read the gereral help section before registering where it stated that 'The aim of ARRSE (in such that it has one) is to provide a useful, informative and amusing site for people with an interest in the British Army. ' and im interested in joining but i would also like to clear my concerns by asking existing members of british arm forces. and certainly its not a windup. i would apologise to u if i made u feel that way but i doubt if u have much experience of facing discrimination continuously when u have done nothing wrong but contributing to the country without a complaint.