Another British teenager detained over drug smuggling

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mickmick, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. British teenager detained over 'drug smuggling',,2137805,00.html

    She'll be spending 15 years in a South American Hell Hole, Good leave her to rot there.

    A British teenager is facing up to 15 years in a Brazilian jail after being caught allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine on to a flight from Rio de Janeiro to London, it emerged today.

    Davena Payne, a 19-year-old student from central London, was arrested as she attempted to board a plane at Rio de Janeiro's international airport with more than 8kg of cocaine worth an estimated £300,000.

  2. Oh how sad... :roll:
  3. She must have been "Put up" by a couple of pretty boys as well.

  4. Good, shame all our drug criminals can't do their time in some South American sh*thole.
  5. What a shame - now mind your fingers as we slam the cell door shut.
  6. face bothered?
  7. SHAME :wink:

    Its a pity they dont follow some of these people when back in the UK then extradite them with the 'mule' back to the hell hole prisons.

    Druggie CNUTS :x
  8. Good, another junkie cnut bites the dust (no pun intended0
  9. I suppose she's innocent and her parents will be bleating that the Foreign Office aren't doing enough to get her back here so she can spend a couple of days in an HMP Holiday Camp while she writes her story. We''ll also see the Fair Trials Abroad tossers saying she can't be tries over there because she may be found guilty. If found guilty she should be imprisoned and her nationality withdrawn. Stupid cow.
  10. Stupid twat.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It is sad really, because her stupidity has completely fcuked her life up. Very few people are so completely evil that they deserve no sympathy at all. She's 19 years old and at that age, most of us are about to embark on the happiest and most fulfilling stage of our lives: all she has to look forward to is giving blow-jobs for food in some hideous Brazilian chokey.
  12. Surely the age-old 'I was carrying a bag for someone' or 'how did that get there?' can't be used nowadays, what with high profile cases and terrorism security at airports. Should look on the brightside that it wasn't Thailand.
  13. well shes well and truly fecked :(
  14. Yes fine. But many other people's lives are fucked up by people other than themselves and not for (probably) money-grabbing reasons. People make their own choices and by age 19 if she hasn't grasped right from wrong and worked out that making money the 'easy' way carries risks, she only has herself to blame. I prefer to offer my sympathy to those people who deserve it – where self-gain isn’t the reason for their predicament. No doubt I have a place in Hell reserved for me for being so harsh, but so be it.
  15. Not as bad as what happened to the other one on that link.

    In February, Katriya Connor, a 23-year-old chef from Liverpool, died after packages of cocaine exploded in her stomach during a flight from Cancún, in Mexico, to Birmingham

    You would think these people would learn from the ammount of publicity around the airports and in the media. :roll: