Another Bridgend Suicide


thye must be sick of just hanging around Bridgend.
as they say......

Theres lovely


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chimera said:
I wonder why the Government hasn't sent this man:

to conduct an inquiry. Surely there MUST be a cover up somewhere. We need to know the truth........

perhaps the familes could pay this man:

to pedal a few conspiracy theories and keep the thing running for years....
The government will not convene an enquiry until it comes to the time that a whitewash, protecting some gubment tw@t, is required.

As far a neuarbeit is concerned the young people of Bridgend can continue to compete for a Darwin award.
Bridgened is the poor mans Switzerland
Bridgend is only 145 miles from Deepcut, there must be a connection
Taffnp said:
Bridgened is the poor mans Switzerland
What? Only small mountains with no snow, cuckoo clocks that only go cuck, very small pointy chocolates? Banks that only take pennies?

Why Switzerland? :wink:
Switzerland is where the terminally ill go to end their life
Taffnp said:
Switzerland is where the terminally ill go to end their life
Now I could very very easily go Waaaah but that would be childish :lol:
I think the locals have misinterperted the "Hanging gardens" opened a few years ago


Only the Taff looks like she'd do you a fryup in the morning, mind. Spend the night custarding the Scan and all you'd get by way of thanks would be a pickled herring on a bit of crispbread.

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