Another brave soulja Frickers himself.......

I have to admit that while reading the online "Daily Snail" I read the story tagline. I think I wasted about 2 nanoseconds, thought "good" and then moved on. You've got to love Darwin.


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This would only be better if they showed a picture of the said "Tag" with a line of paint leading down to where he landed.

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Shouldn't his tag have been "Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame"?
Epic fail. Dar-win
Sam Opolli at work. He died at the weekend doing what he loved best - spray painting buildings in his hometown near Birmingham
Doing what he loved best - being a fucking vandal.

Still not as good as the Australian one who got nailed by a train because he had his iPod in. Fucking tube.
You bunch of grumpy cunts, he was only 16.
Yeah it's a bloody shame that he didn't grow to be a 17 year old vandal, then an 18 year old vandal, then a 19 year old vandal...........and so on.

I feel for his parents, no one deserves to see their kids die, but if he hadn't been hanging out of a derelict warehouse window, spraying his quite frankly shit nickname on the wall he'd still be here........

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