another bounty question

does anyone know if you have qualified for your bounty for next year but want to transfer to a different TA unit that your bounty would follow with you or do you loose out as it is a lot of money and i cant wait till next april before i look at transfering
cant quote any regulations on this matter but when i transferred i was advised to wait until the bounty was in just in case. i also took a copy of all my matts passes and camp dates stored them safely on the off chance that they would go missing during the transfer and that i had proof i had done all that was necessary. this may not apply to your current unit but my previous unit was a bag if sh*te
Sound advice from lemonsuckas as your Certificate of Efficiency or what ever it is called will have to be signed off by your CO as at 31 Mar 2008.

However I do not believe that you will have to do MATTS twice. Well you are not going to do 2 camps are you?


I’m in the process of transferring myself.
My new unit *fingers crossed* have said that my MATT passes and accumulated MTDs will transfer with me.
If all of your information regarding MTDs & Matts is entered correctly on Forge, then there should be no problem when you transfer. It might be worth getting your clerk to give you a print out of your MTD & Matts from Forge, so that you can prove they were on the system before your record transferred to the new unit. When I was a clerk I always took a manual print prior to a transfer, so that if/when any errors occured I could provide proof to the new unit that the days & Matts had been done.
one other thing to keep a copy of is your transfer request form. make sure you write on the copy who u gave it to, when and where. bitter experience of mine being "lost" in that great expanse of space called TA admin made sure i put those details on the replacement. might not apply to all units probably just mine

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