Another boring question about fitness.....

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JimmyNeutron, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Evenin' all,

    I have a quick question regarding the dreaded runs (not the kind that keep you glued to the Royal Doulton / Armitage Shanks but the fitness kind) and I was hoping for a little advice.

    This Monday I started a fitness routine incorporating some strength work (weights) and running etc. however its the running I'm unsure of. I find myself focusing primarily on the 1.5 mile run as opposed to a further endurance type run. I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction when it comes to what distance I should be running on those longer runs?

    I imagine that I should be doing short, medium and long runs but I'm not too sure on distances. I’ve been running between a mile and 2 miles 3 to 4 times a week and doing strength work 5 times a week which I’m guessing is pants.

    Also, is it me or is the BMI the biggest misleading piece of information ever?

    Look forward to responses from more learned people than I.

    Guess that wasn’t as quick as I suggested, sorry!
  2. Re running, I would do your short run of 1.5 then another night maybe do a 3 miler, then another 1.5 another night and so on.

    Gradually build up your distance to about 5 miles maximum for a while, and after your comfrotable doing the 5, then go back to 1.5 then a longer run, moving upto maybe 8 as your distance target.
    To be honest, your not required to do further for tests, so just on stamina building alone, the 5 or 8 would be more than enough.

    The weights bit every night sounds a bit much, do you not have a rest night at all?
  6. Thanks for the amusing read folks. Yes I plan to rest twice a week Wednesdays and Sundays. Does that sound too much?

  7. Try to stick weights to four days a week like Upper body Monday & Friday, Lower body Tuesday & Saturday. Do your runs 5 days a week, and make sure it's always after doing weights.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm not going mad on the weights but doing enough to feel it if that makes sense?
  9. You should aim to have a rest day after every weights workout (if it's a serious one). How long is your session and what do you typically do (so exercise type, amount of weight and reps etc.)? I train 4 nights a week on week 1 of my rota, and 3 nights a week on the other. So I always have a rest day afterwards (with regards to weights, on my 'rest days' I run) to allow the muscles to repair themselves and build up.

    With regards to the running, what's your 1.5 mile time? I'd work solely on the 1.5 mile run until you can get your time below 10:00, and then alternate it. So on day 1 do a 1.5 mile, then on day 3 (if you do weights in between on day 2) do a 3 mile. Do that for a couple of weeks or so, to see how you get on, and then bump it up to a 4 or 5 mile run.

    Good luck mate.
  10. I don't class my weights sessions as "serious" to be honest primarily 'cause I'm a living room work out Captian and not a gym man. I mostly use the weights to maintain my strength level rather than build strength. I end up bench pressing 6 or 7 sets of 25 reps at approx 45KG, then arm curl 10 or so sets of 20 reps per arm at 15KG then I'll lift the 45KG bar above my head and shoulder press? 6 sets of 8 reps I always crap out on the last set haha (Forgive the lack of weight lifting knowledge and terminology). I usually have around 30 - 45 seconds rest in between each set. I've been doing the weights on and off for ages but only recently thought about setting myself a "routine".

    I know I’m using the “or so” vibe a fair bit but as I’m only starting out I’m changing the number of sets / reps to try and find a stable platform from which to build upon if that makes sense?

    As for the running I did my 1.5 miler in just under 11 minutes yesterday so I don’t have too far to go however ideally I’d like to get that down to as close as 8 minutes as humanly possible for me!
  11. With those reps and weight, I'd recommend a rest day after every session. Also, try and work on other muscle groups (e.g. lats, back muscles, triceps (bench press is partly tricep)). If you can do that many sets and reps on 45kg, I'd look at bumping the weight up. Try the barbell pullover, lateral raise and some squats. And yes, that makes sense.

    That's not a bad time, but as I said, look to get it below 10:00 before going on the longer runs.
  12. Good man. Thanks very much for the help/advice, it is very much appreciated. I'll crack on with the running then.

  13. Do you really want to improve your running? A few hours work googling beginners running routines should yield a number of schedules for you. Find the commonality; what you will find is something along the lines of the following.

    1. Establish a base: work up to at least 20+ miles a week of easy running.
    Then after a month or two.
    2. Replace a workout with a longer run once a week.
    3. Replace a workout with a tempo run.
    4. Replace a workout with some interval training.

    Log all your workouts. Track progress.

    4 months from now you will be much quicker. Job done.

    Good luck.
  14. Thanks for the info Bulldoze, I have had a look on Google however I fancied a more personal approach where I could ask questions.

    I will take your advice in logging my workouts and progress (or lack there of!), should make for interesting reading in a couple of months!

    Cheers pal.
  15. When you are ready for them the interval sessions are devastatingly effective at reducing PFT times. You should have a slight feeling of dread before each interval workout because they are very uncomfortable.

    As an example 10 x 400m @ 5 secs per lap faster than current PFT pace with 1:1 work/rest ratio. is a great workout for PFT training. do not go all out: if form starts to degrade then you are going too fast - go as fast as you can without tightening up.

    Change interval distances regularly from 200m - 1000m. eg 12 x 200, 5 x 800.

    4 weeks out from a PFT do the interval sessions twice a week. When you get to the start line of the PFT you will know exactly what pace to run at and what time you will achieve at worst.