Another boring, help needed thread...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by KeepCalmCarryOn, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. Being the boring sod i am, ive got into an argument over the desert pistol holsters. Dont ask, all i need is a photo of one. Tried the mighty Google, but to no avail. It keeps coming up with airsoft, what ever that is.
    Any help, much appreciated!

  2. :roll: the computer must know you then


    I put it to you...You are Scrofula are you not??? :?
  3. my bold

    Scrof wouldn't be looking for anything like a picture of a holster. he'd be looking for something practical like a carrier for bottles of Vodka. :lol:
  4. Wind your neck in crumb. Walt indeed.

  5. wind my neck in, hahaha, havent been told to do that for a while!! :D

    why do you want one anyway? are you attempting to out a walt? :lol:
  6. Some gobshite on ebay is trying to fob a mate off. It aint what he says it is, and i want to snag him on false advertising. Basically hes trying to palm some random holster to one of the sprog lads whos going on tour. God knows why he wants to buy one, ive told him he can get the crap drop leg ones that fall to bits on his 1157 when he gets on tour, but hes a bit of a geek.
    What can you do eh? Its coming up to millionaires weekend!
  7. Write it off as a lesson learned, the amount of crap I've bought in my life is endless.

  8. linky please.....could be a new walt hunt. Remember Maurice Mennie??

    oh how I had fun on that
  9. Linky

    The guy is claiming that this is 'Genuine British Issue kit' via messages to said sprog.

    Ive told him to stop being an idiot, as he'll get what he needs whilst on tour. Considering he's Sigs anyway, and will have about as much use out of this as tits on a fish.

    If only he had an Arrse account, id let you all tell him what a leg end hes being.
  10. :lol:

    walt kit at the highest order, as you can see its in septic pattern not British DPM. This is the sort of thing airsofters love isnt it?

    If your mate's a scaley he wont need it anyway, and if he does wear it then he will be ridiculed to the highest order especially if he hasnt got a pistol to put in it :roll:

    On telic 1 I had a pistol and just shoved it down my kex (before the days of the new body armour) and that did the job no drama's

    The seller is from Hong Kong so not much chance of having a go, he will be the sort of slanty eyed jap snipers that preys on walts for their airsoft...and fair play to that if they are stoooooooopid enough to buy it.
  11. do want sling for it.
  12. no want sling :D

    but i will have a special flied wice pease
  13. Is this the one you mean? :? Shouldn't think that one would be handy in the desert. :p

  14. You needed to do a bit more lateral (rateral?) thinking, KeepCalm-san....

    Is it an airsoft walting item? Mmmm, take the product name and that of that bastion of mittydom, arnie's airsoft (which probably still hasn't quite recovered from the mass invasion of arrsers three or four years ago - probably still some fattish types sobbing quietly at the destruction of their carefully constructed SF persona), google creatively et voila - you'll find that airsofters seem to get to trial British army kit these days. Much cheaper than DE&S doing it, I guess...

    A bit more cutting about with the god Google, and we find that the item seems to be made by a company called Guarder. Who they?

    More google, and t'would seem that they are perfectly open about the fact that they started out selling kit to the Taiwanese police before realising that Mr W Mitty and his friends would pay them lots of cash. Oddly, they don't seem to mention the big recent contract for drop leg holsters from the British MoD, which is remarkably modest of them. I may have missed that reference, though, so perhaps your mate might like to start from the page below and search the site so that he can verify the tale that the item is issue kit...

    And then perhaps purchase you a pint for saving him six quid and his reputation?

    Questions on arrse - Displacement activity at its finest.
  15. Ill just show him this thread. Job done.
    Had a look on google about this airsoft thing you lot keep going on about, and found this...

    I didnt even find out what it was, i just saw that and it was enough