Another boring car-related incident.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joe_Private, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Saturday lunchtime, my wife parked in a near-empty car park in a small village. When she returned from the shop just a couple of minutes later, a large 4x4 car (which had been in the car-park when she parked) was blocking her in. She asked the driver if he would move so that she could get out, and he replied that he would move when he was fucking ready. An old school-friend of hers had seen her go to her car, had heard some of the conversation between the two, and came over to ask if she was alright. He asked the driver if he would move, and got a similar reply. He then produced his warrant card, and asked the driver if he would move now, at which the driver started his car and drove out of the car-park and away.

    My question is, what was this bloke's plan?
  2. - Being a stubborn cunt
    - Getaway driver
    - Would-be abductor
  3. steal her brain , fly it to the moon and breed fish with it?

    or he is a cunt.

    you pick?
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  4. How the hell should we know what his plan was? (Unless the 4x4 driver was an ARRSEr). Maybe he was just playing playing the 'big I am'.
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  5. OP. The off duty plod should have checked his tax and tyres, then flagged up the plates as a vehicle to watch and stop.
  6. Blimey, thats a coincidence. I had dropped my two grandsons off so they could go to the library and was sat waiting for them on the carpark. As it was a busy day the carpark soon filled up, and two old ladies couldn't find any where to park, so I gave them my parking space, and just sat in my car waiting for the kids.

    Some mad woman rolled up and started giving me verbal because her car was blocked in. I explained politely that I was waiting for my grandsons Chuck and Eddy. At that some jobsworth of a busy rolled up and flashed his warrant card, he wouldn't give me any chance to explain, so I left.

    My two grandsons, Chuck and Eddy saw me parked on the opposite side of the road, and ran over to meet me, only to get run over by a steam roller and crushed to death. After their mother saw their poor little crushed and mangled bodies, she topped herself. Hope that jobsworth copper is proud of himself. Sniff, etc.
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  7. So there were other people around and your missus didn't have the presence of mind to scream "RAPE" to nicely drop the cunt in it?

    You need to have a word with her Joe.
  8. The bloke was trying to large it.

    Blokes do that sometimes. It makes them feel better about themselves.

    Personally, I would have asked what the fuck he thought he was doing and if he didn't move his car in 3 seconds I would call the Police.

    It never happens to me. I have this aura of "Don't even think about it" surrounding me.

    Your missus needs some Slug lessons.
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  9. Are they now buried in plots 3,4,5,6,7,8 & 9 at the local cemetery?
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  10. How odd,I too was blocked in today by a large white van.Seeing a lady passenger I tapped on the window to enquire as to how long the driver would be.She didn't answer as the telephone call she was making was clearly so much more important than talking to me.
    Now the driver has returned and says to her "What did he fucking say to you?" She ignored him and continued to talk on her phone "Answer me you cow "says he.
    How I laughed as she punched him on the chin.No clearly quite cross,he drove away with tyres screaming and lots of smoke coming of the tyres - only for him to be stopped by plod who was at the end of the high street.
  11. How did you know that? On the bright side, the grave diggers were on a winner as the graves didn't need to be very deep.
  12. whose tits would you bore off, were you not a member of this forum?
  13. That ugly bitch Tracy Emin's with a 12 bore
  14. Everybody around me, its my lifes work. Will shortly be buying a walking stick, not because I need one, but so that I can wave it at people while shouting "get out of me way, I'm 76"
  15. Are you talking to me?