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Sorry again for making a boot thread yet again.
Right I will ask you is there a point in me getting Lowa’s?
I wear my boots every day and every so often go on assault courses and go on 15 km walks in the peak district.
I currently have the issues boot and it suits me well but I keep getting lace bite and Walking in them is fine but my feet seat so much when wearing them and I hate taking them off after wearing them over 6 hours as my feet are very sweaty.
My issues boot is 14 L, but most of my trainers / shoes are a size 15.
So would these be ok? Lowa Gore-Tex lined Combat Boots - XL [AALowacoXL] - £149.99 : RVOps, Military Boots, Clothing and Equipment
I have found them for under £120 and in size 15.
My budget really is under £200 so any other boots would be great. :)

If I had a budget like that I would definitely splurge on the Altbergs, great service and a pair of boots that will last you for years - I have had mine for six years and have only just replaced them.
I would say go Altbergs for 'abnormally' size feet. I have a 14 and I visited Altberg to get measured, definitely worth it, as if they don't have something in stock to fit your foot, they will make something.

I would also be careful about sizes. I ended up with an Altberg 13.5, even though some of my Size 14 trainers are a little small but I have a pair of not-bad fitting size 12s. There can be discrepancies between sizes, especially between countries (Lowa are German). The advantage of Altberg being English is you can go to Richmond, and as I said above, they'll measure you up and sort you the best size - they have literally thousands of moulds so it's not just a single measurement.

The service is top too. I bust one of the 'D Rings' on mine about a week and a half before my CIC at Catterick. I sent them next-day courier to their shop (in Richmond, pretty much next door to ITC) and collected them when I arrived in Yorkshire for the course, with them fixed and ready to go. Not sure I could have done that with German boots!

Lowas are great boots too and nobody really has issues, it's just that Altberg are UK and beautifully made. If your feet aren't a stock size 9 they're a good start!

Thanks guys and what is the diffrence between lowa and Altbergs?
Just a taste thing really - except for locations and service as I mentioned above. Kinda like 'what's the difference between Ferrari and Porsche' - both top manufacturers, just different things.
New Products I've ordered a pair from these people, it's a bit of a long wait though!
Try them on first. When your foot is in an unlaced boot and pushed forward as far as it can go, there must be about 10mm between the back of the foot and the back of the boot. This allows for swelling as you tab and as you go downhill. Be aware of foot swelling throughout different times of day as well. When you're wearing the boots tightly laced, your toes must have wiggle room.

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