Another boot thread! Which is better!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by thompy, May 13, 2012.

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  1. After giving my OC a letter from docs regarding the issue boots wrecking my feet. Iv now been told by him that it's be cleared and I have have either lowas or magnums issued to me.
    He says his wife is a doc for the regulars and she recommends the magnums because they are lighter, but iv been told the lowas are a great boot for support.
    Question is, which is the better boot? Lowa or magnum!

    Im getting these next week (whichever I choose) and will be using them in catterick for phase2.
    iv already purchased a pair of altberg sneekers for the tabbing, so it'll be boots for the field etc.
    Many thanks.
  2. Really.......
  3. Tell me you could not find all the other threads that have asked this same question.
  4. Thompy, undoubtedly the best boot is a steel toe capped one, travelling towards your temple at mach 2.
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  5. USE THE ******* SEARCH FUNCTION YOU ****!

    How the **** are we meant to know what's best for your feet? Are my feet the same size, width and pronation as yours? Do I do the same work as you? Do I wear the same socks as you?

    NO - Try some on, see what's best fit for you and stop wasting time repeating threads that have been done a death over and ******* over again!

    ps. What day do we get paid this month? ****!
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  6. He bought Altberg Hahahahaha
  7. fu2

    fu2 LE

    WTF. How many pairs of boots do soldiers need nowdays FFS. I got issued 2 pairs of dms and that was that. I ran in them, walked in them and even fukced in them !.
    Tp SSgt: right lads we are tabbing from point A to point B asap.
    Me: Hang on a minute and let me put on my Altberg superduper sneekers.
    Tp SSgt: fukcin move it Irmelda Marcos
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  8. perhaps you should get the cheaper option.
    unless of course you special & deserve special treatment?
    u dont have a social worker do you??
  9. I've always preferred boot that fit. It used to be such a hot topic with the senior officers. Twice in my early career Mr Inge asked me "Boots fit? Wife in Quarters?" before stepping swiftly to his right and asking the same questions of the man to my left. Had he really been interested he would have learned that I was single at the time and living in a tip for which I was awarded the pleasure of paying rent and further, that I was suffering from 'Bitzwera'. 'Bitzwera' I hear you ask? Yes, 'Bitzwera'. I took a size 10 but my 'bitzwera' size 8!
  10. ????
  11. Do you need a hand at reading ??
    did I ask what's best for my feet?
    Did I ask did u do the same work as me? ( I very much doubt it).
    Did I ask what socks you wore? (starting to make you look like the knob you are now ain't I)


    TIP- Read the ******* post before trying the (I'm butch) replys, especially when your answer means **** all to the post.
    This in turn,makes you not only look like the twat that you probably are, but 1 who cannot read !!!!!

    O and payday is a Thursday next month.****
  12. Chompy, chompy.
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  13. I do need a hand actually - especially when trying to read something posted by a semi-literate retard.

    I ******* love fishing season - Use the ******* search function you useless biting ****! :)
  14. Surely what boot is the best is a matter of opinion?

    You know, what with people's feet being different and all?
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  15. Sshhhh, don't say that; he'll start snapping again! :)