Another Book - God help us

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rackcatchplunger, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. You just feel like kicking her teeth down her fcuking throat.
  2. Surely to God the immediate remaindering of this piece of self-serving cr*p will give them the wake-up call they so desperately need?

    Please someone tell me it's so!
  3. Frankly I hope she dies. Badly.
  4. Perhaps by driving over a cliff with that cnut of a husband of hers. Don't you just love those Blairs!
  5. What sad bstard will buy this crap, giving the Bliars even more money, sad cnuts, should be charged with thieving from the people of this c untry
  6. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Phuck off, my Cherie you bore
  7. 'Eagerly awaited in Westminster?'........Oh no.. please don't let it be serialised in any decent rag...or.. Christ no!...a book at bedtime on the radio! You'd be awake half the night screaming in terror.....
  8. AAAAAARGH!!!! :x :x I Fu*king hate that letter-box mouthed, fat disgusting heap that is Cherie Blair :x

    She orchestrated the downfall of this country as a "Human-Rights" Lawyer - I believe she even defended the "rights" of those poor little Afghan Plane Hijackers that wanted to stay in Britain! :x :evil: , she typifies the Greedy "ambulance-chasing" Agressive lawyer breed that's all over the place at the moment! :x

    I'd love to smash her straight between the eyes with a ball-pein hammer after taking a big run-up! :evil:

    I'd be so happy if the British public boycotted her book so it didn't sell then Tony, her and their frightfully ugly family wouldn't afford their humungous £1.5m mortgage :twisted:
  9. Can't wait for Euans autobiography.....

    A story of a misunderstood youf, who lived in an "extra Ordinary" house.
  10. Looking at the cover photo, I think it must be a different Cherie
  11. Steady on chaps, think kindly of her, dont forget that (according to her at least) her husband has the most dangerous job in the world, so cut her some slack!
  12. He has hasn't he?

    (If you move him closer to the danger by about 5000 miles, remove his CP team and kick him out of the armoured limo he is in.)

    When Cherie said he "volunteers for all the dangerous jobs" I heard the resounding clack of empathy from all the families of the Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Police, Ambulancemen, Firemen (spit), RNLI, Mountain Rescue etc.

    No really I did.

    Wonder if she will challenge her hubbies claim he would be proud to see a child join up?
  13. I want to punch her in the fanny! :x
  14. You may lose yer hand...