Another bonk idea? No-shine St Christopher

Not for everyone... it might not be for anyone... but I used to take a St Christopher with me on Ops and had to keep it in my wallet. So, now I'm probably the first person in the world to take nice, bright, shiny, solid silver jewelery and sandblast it so it looks like gunmetal that's been through the wars.

So the bonk idea is that now you can get a 925 solid silver 15g dog tag (here at to add to your own set with St Christopher on it that doesn't shine - full size, 1mm thick, american style (well the alternative was the round ones) with rubber silencer.

Time will tell me if this is yet another bonk idea... If you guys don't tell me first! :D

Also doing:
St George: patron saint of crusades, soldiers and England
Woden: Anglo Saxon God of war - turned leader of the apocalyse in Bible
Thor: The God you'll meet if you ride with the Valkyrie
Pegasus: The bringer of thunderbolts to Zeus.
St Arnoldus: Patron saint of beer!
(full backgrounds of the Gods on my site)

Come on then... slag me off!

(St George - for illustration: this one was shiny and easier to see.)
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