Another bone P coy question?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by topcat68, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. I was watching the 1992 version of P coy the other night,the OC said in his opening speech "There is no quota system here if nobody is up to the required standard then nobody will pass the course". Now does anybody know if there has been a Pcoy course where nobody has passed or what is the fewest passes on the course,both all arms and Para reg??

    There I did say it may be a bone question,just interested that's all.
  2. Ask Sandy. He will put you in the rembrant.
  3. About 70 on mine (all arms though we had some Para Regt officers on with us) in 83 with about 15-20 passing, can't remember exactly.
  4. About 100 on mine (all arms - mid 70s), roughly 50 finished of which only about half of those passed. There was a renowned SAS course where no one passed, although I can't remember when.
  5. we had 68, and finished with about 55 - this was in 1996, and apparantly "unusual" to have so many pass
  6. 33 of us passed mine in 92.
  7. There were about 150 on my P course and they used to run a course about every two weeks. They used to select about enough people to fill a Hastings
  8. The battle?
  9. Can't remember how many were failed during P Coy but I passed out in what was a pretty large Plt by Depot Para standards of the time, however most of the blokes were either ex Juniors or TA Para which probably helped.

    Of the 60 odd starters in my junior intake I can think of only 11 that got to Battalion.
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  13. Was it all arms or para reg?

    I did my course in 96.
  14. 1979...I was incredibly young I am incredibly old now!