Another bone Diamond Jubilee Medal thread.........

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Twice-the-man, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. Right, at risk of people hitting me back with countless links to other threads, the advice of "can't you use a search engine thicko"... etc etc, I raise my head above the parapet:

    I know there are many threads about the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal on here where everybody's eligibility, from Field Marshall The Lord Guthrie to my local postman, has been discussed but due to a combination of a) not finding the answer to my particular situation and b) not having a massive amount of time to sift through them all, I was wondering if anybody more enlightened than me could help:

    I served 8 years from 2000 - 2008 in the regular infantry, had 6 months out completely, then joined my local TA infantry unit and have qualified for three consecutive bounties. Reading through the directive last night issued by the medal head-shed, I was still none the wiser to whether or not actually I qualify. There are many references to 'broken service' being okay as long as aggregated service equates to 5 years so if I had been a regular, left but then rejoined the regular army i would be ok. Likewise, if I was in the TA, achieved 8 bounties, had a bit of a break and then returned for another 3 bounties, i would be okay. Didn't see no reference to the ex-regulars who join the TA.

    Any help / withering put-downs appreciated.
  2. If it arrives, then you are entitled. If it doesn't, you aren't.
  3. You really trust your admin staff that much?????
  4. You satisfy the time criterion. What is not clear is if you satisfy the remaining criteria, ie you must be still serving on the 6th Feb, and you must have qualified for your bounty.
  5. I had the same issue (with the last) except that my service was broken by a tour. I got mine-eventually.

    I recon you'll get yours-eventually.

  6. As I understand it, you qualify for it with aggregated service, minimum of 5 years in a recognised role and serving in a recognised role on Feb 6th.

    A mate in the UK Police is eligible this way, (if he isn't sacked/killed in the next 5 days) but he has to apply for one, it's not automatically issued, and he has to show and prove to his CoC, his eligibility.
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  7. Crucial point for TA personnel is

    1). You are serving on 6 Feb.
    2). You get your bounty for Trg year 2011/2012.

    Broken service should not be a problem for you.
  8. Does it mean that much to you? Are you that bothered? If so, why?
  9. I suggest that he is keen to improve the gong dimension for use in separating young ladies from their knickers !!

    Is there any better reason ?

    That or he is an apparently Scottish Drum Major of legendary service !
  10. You've got your bling, let him have his.

    He's not a walt FFS.
  11. So the Filth get it too? Good news. I can't wait to take the piss out of my brother when he shows up with plastic bling tat stuck to his stab vest.

    Mutley walt.
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  12. *cough* He's (my mate, not your brother) got 12 years and a couple of operational tours under his big fat cop belt. Take the piss anyway. Like me he doesn't give a rats arrse.
  13. Admirable but not relevant if they are getting it for being Plods.

    no disrespect to your mate, maximum disrespect to my brother though
  14. The award of the QDJM will more than compensate me for the circa £4k I am about to be relieved of by Ms May.
  15. It's not a military piece of tin. You do understand that don't you?