Another bomb disposal error

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Drlligaf, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Not to be outdone by the Bavarians in Munich, the bomb disposal people in Viersen, just down the road from here have had a go at improving the neighbourhood. The only link I have is German news, but here goes: Viersen: Bombensprengung richtet schwere Schäden an : Topnews
    Basically they are saying that despite precautions heavy damage has been caused.
    Eodmatt et al, where are you when we need you?
  2. As the ordnace is from the 2nd bash and it caused widespread damage to German property I'd say "Working as intended". Unfortunately a tad late.

    My German isn't as good as it was but I couldn't see there were any deaths, which is good.
  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I like to think of it as the UK's contribution to boosting the local German economy. Thanks (belatedly) to the RAF, there will now be a boom in the local construction industry. This will lead to explosive growth.

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  4. Shit happens!
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  5. Having had a further gander at the article it would appear that a number of houses are badly damaged or unusable, experts are checking to see if other damaged houses are in danger of collapse. I wonder what the Sprengmeister thought as the bomb went off:
    a) Shit, there goes my bonus.
    b) F**k, that was loud.
    c) Hope the boss has paid the insurance premiums.
    d) Maybe I should stick to firework displays.
  6. All I hear on the local radio, is such and such road/area has been closed off, so that authorities can blow a WWII bomb up after yet another find! Not surprising, considering the tonnage that was dropped around here!
  7. It was reported that they blew it up because it was thought the building workers that "discovered" it had activated a delayed-action fuse . Another bomb was found in Ismaning( near Munich Airport) by a guy testing his new metal detector.
  8. Couldn't be moved and had to be done in a bit of a rush due to it having an "Acid fuze" (whatever one of those is) and having been disturbed and moved by the diggers.

    Could have been worse if it had decided to do its thing when it was dug up.
  9. here is a google translation:

    © Theo Titz / DAPD
    Three weeks after the explosion of a bomb from the Second World War in the Schwabing district of Munich, where millions of dollars in damage caused, was on Monday night in Viersen in the Lower Rhine also a dud checks busted, which had previously been discovered during construction work.

    As in Munich were also in Viersen despite all precautions to prevent damages in the area. As the district of Viersen announced late at night, with the detonation of five-pound bomb with acid fuses were damaged several houses, some seriously. A total of four houses affected, with a house, the wall was torn out. Structural engineers are currently engaged in the study houses of possible risk of collapse. If necessary, the damaged buildings are demolished.

    The explosion on Monday evening a few hours after the discovery of the bomb, however, was inevitable, as the senior explosives expert Dieter Daenecke said. Because the bomb was moved from the construction workers is relatively high and even slid into a ditch, was to assume that the long-time fuze was set in motion, why haste was necessary.

    Before detonation approximately 8,000 residents were evacuated within a short time. Except for residents of heavily damaged homes until Tuesday morning, all return.

    Read more about Viersen: bomb blast targeted at heavy damage: Top news by Topnews : News & Nachrichten aus aller Welt : Topnews
  10. Just out of interest, would covering such a device in tons of earth before setting it off, smother the explosion or simply create more destructive flying debris when it went 'bang'?
  11. fu2

    fu2 LE

    I was thinking that with the last bomb, I would have thought tons of sand would dampen the blast and have little fragmentation effect.
  12. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    WW2 delay fuses were based on a strip of acetate being eaten away by acid. When the acetate had been dissolved, it released a firing pin which in turn set off the detonator. The bomb was safe until it fell away from the aircraft whereupon a cord dragged a metal rod to break the acid vial to let the acid start working on the acetate. Delays could be from a few minutes to a couple of days.

    If the vial didn't break on dropping from the aircraft and survived the impact, the bomb was a dud. I'm guessing the German bomb disposal people thought the acid had been released when the bomb was disturbed by the digger.

  13. Wouldn't want to be the dumper-truck driver mind you.
  14. Water suppression could well have prevented some damage. But seeing as it was in Germany, well done RAF ... got there in the end didn't we?
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  15. Water tamping (great technique used it many times) and loose sand are good if you get the result you're after.

    If you have a misfire or partial, you've just made a much bigger problem for yourself.

    As a general rule you use 40 filled sandbags for every 1 Kg of explosive. When dealing with large dems the use of sandbags quickly becomes impractical.

    What is very useful is the use of 1 Tonne sand bags or the 1,000 ltr Cubes of water to build traverses as opposed to tamping.

    In the true sense of Blue Peter

    Here’s one made earlier:

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