Another Bob Spour / Captain Sir Alan Mcilwraith ?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Spanny, Sep 15, 2012.

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  1. Not trying to set up a Waltenkommando witch hunt but I think I might have found someone who deserves to be on the same Walty level as Bob Spour and Captain Sir Alan Mcilwraith . I googled Eddie Mcgee the former SAS survival trainer and one of the results returned was this

    Shaun Rawcliffe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Apparently he was down south in '82 but doesn't give any details of his regimental service , the wikipedia merely insinuates that he was allowed to teach CQB because he was a close friend of Mcgee ! In fact the whole article is so unconvincing that I reckon he's either

    1 ) The worst attempted Walt ever or ...

    2 ) Someone else wrote the article to take the piss out of the poor lad

    One for the Arrsepedia maybe ?
  2. He makes no such claims on his website, so hardly Spour's relief, and he doesn't dress up, so not a contender for McIlwraith's coronet.
  3. If he's 51 now surely he's have been only 20 in the Falklands? Badged THEM at 20?
  4. I would guess he has written the wiki himself, judging by the complete lack of sources.

    I call Walt. But rubbish, average run of the mill Walt.
  5. maybe he "doesn't give any details of his regimental service" because he appears to be 99% about Wing Chun and CP work. I don't think he implies anything near as bad as you are implying. in fact, I struggle to see any walting at all in either the wiki page or the website; perhaps you could point out the exact sections you class as uber-walty?
  6. Interesting that you use the words " implies " and " impliying " because the wikipedia author ( Whoever that might be ) doesn't actually come out and say he served with Them or any other army regiment - it's " implied " he's been a veteran of the Falklands conflict and has been teaching soldiers CQB alongside " Ex-SAS officer Eddie Mcgee " ( I thought McGee was an NCO ? ) and why would a martial arts " expert " have a wikipedia page anyway ? Especially an obscure martial art like Wing Chun ? I'd never heard of it and if you click on the Ip Chun link you'll find one of the gurus of this martial art is .... Shaun Rawcliffe

    The wikipedia entry stikes me as someone who is an instructor on a martial art putting themself in the shop window by writing a fake wikipedia entry so the comparisons with Bob Spour and Alan Mcilwraith are valid in my opinion though it's maybe not on the same scale
  7. Obscure martial art? It's probably the world's most wide-spread style of Southern Kung-Fu. But if you haven't heard of it it must be bollocks...
  8. thank you for removing any doubt that you are, in fact, a bit of a clown. just to humour you for a second:

    1. google wing chun - you'll find it is rather well known. even you may have heard of Bruce Lee.

    2. we sent over 100 ships and 2 entire infantry brigades to the falklands. he doesn't imply he served with "them", you seem to have drawn this conclusion based on nothing at all. so essentially you're suggesting that he is lying, rather than the distinct possibility that he was just one of many thousands of servicemen who served during the falklands war.

    3. so he has worked with somebody ex-SAS. so what? does this imply he himself is ex-SAS? only to you, apparently.

    before, i thought you might just have been drunk posting at that time of the morning. now, i just think you're a clown. possibly the stupidest "walt" hunt attempt ever mounted.

    ho hum.
  9. Oh come on CeilingReached you think I'm trying for the " King Of The Walt Hunters " title ? How about some of the classic walt hunters own goals there's several that come to mind such as

    1 ) The Mike Golden lynch mob . We had people posting google maps of Golden's address along with stuff like " SEnd me a PM so we can all meet up and give this Walty c*nt a good kicking

    2 ) The bloke who posted an alleged SAS walt doing a tour in Belize only to have other Arrsers posting that they personally knew the soldier in question and he was indeed one of " Them "

    3 ) Check out the Mark Powell thread for some of the ridiculous " I,m going to hound this bloke to the end of the Earth " type posts

    4 ) Someone saw dance group Diversity do a dance number on Britain's Got Talent wearing number two dress uniform and called out the outrage bus

    5 ) Some bloke with a pink mohican wearing an RAF tunic appeared on University Challenge . Again this caused people to book the outrage bus

    With the exception of number three these threads eventually got pulled , probably in order to stop the ARRSE website getting a reputation for being populated by .... well arses

    I'm just a little bit curious as to why Rawcliffe is being so vehemently defended on a subsection on this website dedicated to WaltenKommando . It's a bit like the Pope moderating a website dedicated to anti-theism ? Is Rawcliffe a member of this website or something ? Are certain Arrsers friends of Rawcliffe or are they martial art junkies or something ?

    BTW read the title of this thread again guys . It has a question mark in it . It's indeed a question not a title headed " Oh look I found a Walt , burn the witch etc etc "
  10. Nice attempt at deflection. but I've never heard of him, never heard of you, and took this thread entirely on its merits. You tried to push this guy as some kind of uberwalt "on the same walty level as Bob Spour". in fact, there is little or nothing walty about his web presence at all. just seems to be a martial arts instructor who once served in the armed forces.

    swing and a miss. big style. admit it and move on.
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  11. Never heard of him before you introduced him, so I don't know whether he is a member of this site, but I would guess that he isn't, in much the same way that I would guess that he isn't a member of my local ex-serviceman's club. What I would say is that a facebook page which purports to be written by him does carry almost word for word the same information, and the claim there is "an unofficial stint in the Falklands during the ‘conflict’ ", which is a little bit of an eyebrow-raiser.
  12. Fuck off timmy wade you boring cunt
  13. oh my god, rumbled. I joined the site 7 years ago and posted nearly 10,000 times, just to build up a convincing cover. I even managed to get accepted as a moderator.

    I would have got away with it too, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids.

    you dozey twat :)
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  14. Yep dozy twat me :) it was aimed at the Op, not sure why I quoted you
  15. The eloquence of this thread - in Waltenkommando too - is surprising. Just goes to show the emotion of the Walt-outing-spirit. Because some people want the same espirit without some cnut shouting at them...