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Another Blow for the Cadets?

booty_cadet said:
Just got off a camp after a massive b********* for not having some things on the kit list (which before I get flamed can I add I didn't get given). So does anyone know where I can get 100m of paracord from?

booty_cadet said:
SKJOLD said:
Use green string instead its cheaper.

Thats what I took but they detailed paracord. So they said I was bing cheeky...bastwards
booty_cadet said:
It turns out the officer who told me to get some was convenintly selling some in his shop. But I thought £48 for a hundred meters was a bit expensive.
what the hell does he want with 100m ?

Did he ever think that maybe it was aa typo and was meant to be 10m?

100m is a lot of paracord to have around, imagine if everyone on that camp that got a kit list turned up with 100m each

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